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Seasonal Activities and Holidays » Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day



Try these Valentine's Day activities and games.

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Billy Bear's Valentines

Kid's Domain Valentine Crafts

dltk's Valentines

Kids' Central Valentines

Valentine Party Activities

Valentine Party Game Idea

Valentine Buddy Hunt

Supplies: Index cards, masking tape
How To Play:
Write Valentine words on the index cards such as: kiss, hug, love, candy, valentine, cupid, heart, etc. Make two identical sets of cards, enough so that each child can have one card.

Mix up the two sets and without the children seeing what the cards say, randomly tape a card on each child's back, words facing out. Make sure each child will have a partner with the same word.

Students then have to try and find their match in the class. They walk around and may ask any question about the word taped to their back but not what the word is. Examples: Am I sweet? Do I use my arms to do this? Do I have four letters? Do I use arrows? Am I usually red?, etc.

If they think they know their word from the clues, they may ask a person if they are correct, "Is my word, cupid?" When they discover their word they find their match and sit down. The class wins when everyone is paired up. Timing this activity adds excitement.

Happy Valentine's Day from Mrs. Thonus!

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