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Archives » Spooky Stories 0607

Spooky Stories 0607


Read on...If you dare!


Mystery Church

By Lindsay

Ring. "Wait up Kate," I said.

"Race you!" said Kate.

"No fair," I said.

School had just ended and we were running past the church with the cemetery.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" I asked. "I thought I saw a light go out. Is it safe?"

"I think so," Kate said.

My heart started to beat faster and faster. "I wonder what's in there," I said.

"Let's go in," said Kate.

"Okay," I said.

Just then Hannah came around the corner.

"Hi,' we said. "Do you want to come with us to the church?"

"Sure," she said.

My blood turned to ice when I walked toward the door. I stepped in first. "It's clear," I whispered. I thought we were being watched. All of a sudden I saw a tall person. "He must be the priest," I said to myself.

He was walking toward the stairs. "Hey, he dropped something," I whispered. It was white and looked like toilet paper. Hannah ran toward it.

"HANNAH, LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Hannah looked...It was big, it was white, and it was tall!

"AAAAAAAAA!" Hannah disappeared with the white figure.

"Hannah!" I yelled. We ran after her past rows and rows of chairs. We saw Hannah after we found terrible creatures. They were all a blur as I ran past.

Without warning Hannah, Kate, and I were swept off our feet. My eyes closed and I almost fainted. My heart stopped for a second. I opened my eyes as I was being lifted by the most horrible monster, a vicious vampire. Kate, Hannah and I were falling for some reason. There was a machine. It had jaws as big as a house. "Kate! Hannah!" They fell into the machine's mouth. I was falling, too. I hit, something... hard. It was the... graveyard! It was so misty I couldn’t see the grass, there was only dirt. "AAAAAAA!" I ran faster and faster. I ran right home and I never came out of my house again.

The Dream That Came True

By Nico


Boom! My parents shut the door. My sister and I were going trick-or-treating with my baby sitter. "Can we go now?" I said. We went to a lot of houses. My neighborhood is really good for trick-or-treating because everyone gives out chunks of candy. My neighborhood has lots of children and it wasn't really dark because most of the lights in the houses were on. But then it became night and we had to go home. When we got to our driveway we heard footsteps behind us.

"What's behind us?" said my sister. We looked and there was nothing. Then, when we were halfway down the driveway, we smelled something awful. "What is that smell?" I said.

"I don't know," they both said.

Then we saw a flash. We ran to our house. When we got in the house there was a man turning into a zombie. Then, out of nowhere, something came out of the window and hit me but then I woke up and a vampire was biting me. Then I blinked and it wasn’t there. I felt something on my lip and I went to the mirror. I had fangs! I guess I’m going to be one of them forever!


By Tyler

I was walking in my neighborhood and I was trick-or-treating. I heard a click but I didn't see anything. Then I heard a bong. I didn't see anything. So I just kept on walking. Something tapped my back. I thought it was just a leaf so I kept walking. All of a sudden somebody was throwing toilet paper at me. I started to run.

I ran faster and it finally stopped chasing me. I stopped running and started walking. I saw a haunted house and I walked up to it. I touched the door knob. It creaked and I opened the door. I walked inside. I saw the stairs. I started to go over to the stairs. I walked up the stairs. I heard a bang. I didn't see anything so I just kept walking.

I saw the bathroom. It had spider webs everywhere so I went in. The whole bathroom was covered in spider webs so I walked out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. I looked around and saw more spider webs. So I left the bedroom and went back downstairs and went into the kitchen and the stove had spider webs so I left the spooky house. I was so scared my heart was pounding so hard.

The Halloween Trip

By Heather

"Get in the car, Heather. We don’t want to lose our campsite." It was our Halloween camping trip. I really did not want to go. Last year my peanut butter sandwich disappeared.

"Heather, your dad just probably ate it," my mother explained. I didn’t believe her. "Make sure you have a book to read."

"I do," said my sisters, Lindsay and Caroline.

"Heather, do you have a book?"

"Yes, I do," I said out loud. To myself I said, "I hope our car breaks down at Burger King or Dairy Queen so we don’t have to go." I started reading a book about

magic tricks because last year as you know my peanut butter sandwich


My dad started the car. I had shivers up my neck. We got to the end of our street and my sisters said, "Are we there yet, Mom?"

"No, we have two more hours to go."

"Mom, can we just skip our Halloween camping trip? PLEASE?"

"Sorry Heather we all ready paid for it."


It was a long, long boring trip.

"We’re here!" my dad said. "Get out of the car."

"Okay," we all said.

"Get your suitcase out of the trunk!"

Finally we got to our tent. It was covered with spider webs but none of the other tents were covered with spider webs.

"Our tent must be haunted," I said to myself.

"Heather can you please go to the main office through the words nbecasue you’re the oldest? We need water."

"Okay, I will." I stepped out of the tent. I saw a shadow in the distance. My little sister pushed me forward. My heart was pounding. I was stretching my arm out and felt something pointy and something leather against my arm. I jumped! I heard a cackling noise. Then I looked to my right, then my left. Nothing was there. Then I looked in front of me. It, it, it was a WITCH! She had yellowish teeth and a very long nose with a wart on it. Her face ws army green. She was a really tall woman and let me tell you… she was UGLY!

She grabbed onto me. "Please, you wicked old witch, let me go!"

"I’ll let you go…Heh, heh, heh." She let go of my hand and I ran as fast as I could to the main office. My family was waiting ther for me. "How did you ge here, Mom, Dad, Lindsay, Caroline?"

"We’re not telling," they said.

"Man, I do not want to come here next year."

My mom stared in to my eyes and I stared in to her eyes her eyes started to turn red, my mouth dropped open.

Nothing Is More Freaky

By: Sarah

The inky black sky filled the air. As I came out of the woods, I heard a stick crack. I was sure it was just me so I kept on walking. I heard a hiss. I got a little suspicious. "Maybe I should go back," I said to myself, but somehow I kept on walking. As I came to the middle of the haunted houses I hear a growl. I knew I wasn’t alone. Slowly, I turned around. I got shivers up my back. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Its head was forming the shape of a snake, hundreds of snakes. Then dog heads appeared.

Just as I made up my mind that I was seeing a monster, one of the dog heads opened. I stared. My heart pounded faster and faster. I couldn’t move. A king cobra came out. Just as it was about to reach my feet, it stopped. It looked like it was staring at something. I turned around.

A dark brown blob was moving towards me. It was furry. It was huge. It was a bear! I was surrounded. I had no choice but to go into one of the haunted houses.

Here I was in a haunted house. It was dark. The moonlight cast weird shadows over the wall. I saw a window. I looked out it. Bang! The door slammed shut. I ran over and tried to open it. I couldn’t and that was when I noticed that I was locked in the haunted house with something out there, let’s call it a monster.

A breeze blew everywhere but there was no window or door I could see that was open. I saw a bright light coming out of a huge mirror. A cat jumped out. "How did it do that?" I wondered out loud. But then I saw that it was foggy gray, I could see through it! It was a ghost!

I tripped over something. I was just about to scream when I saw a dark shadow, but I noticed that it was someone I knew. It was Jessica! She came to me and said, "We have to get out of here."

"But how?" I asked.

"I saw a trapped door somewhere," she said. We went up the stairs to search.

"I found it!" I cried out. As we climbed through it started to move. Aaaaahhhhh! We screamed. We came flying out of the window. "Look, a trail," said Jessica. We found our way home by that trail and never went there again.


By Alexis

It was a spooky night. There was fog and mist all over the grass. I was a little scared to go trick-or-treating alone. My mom was going to work and my dad was sleeping. "Okay," I said. "I can do this." So I put one foot out and I took a step out. I was so scared I had shivers up my back.

"Ahh!" I saw something in the bush! It was only my cat. Okay, now I was not as scared. I went to the first house on my block.

Then I saw something with red glaring eyes. It was a … Zombie! I had prickles up my back. Oh, no! It was after me. I ran as fast as I could but the door to my house was locked and he was coming. Quickly I found the key and opened the door. I ran to my room to hide under my bed. "Dad?" My dad did not answer. I felt like screaming.

There in my door was a Zombie. Lucky I was tucked safely under my bed. In the hall I heard a voice call, "I know you’re here."

I had to sneeze. Ahhh, ahh, choo! "Oh, no! He sees me!" I screamed so loud he started leaving.

I called, "Wait! Aren’t you going to chase me?"

"I don’t want to catch your cold!" said the Zombie.

I was glad I had time to catch my breath. But I was so tired I did not have time to catch him. I fell asleep. The next day I woke up and the Zombie was gone. I told my mom and she did not believe me. I left to go to school and before I left I saw a costume in the closet.

"Ha, ha, we scared you!" said my mom and dad.

"It was you all that time?"

"Yea," they said.

From then on I never believed in Halloween stories again.

The Magic Book

By Claire

I’m Isabel and I needed a book for school. So would you have wanted to come to the library with me?

I got to the library and I saw a bookcase. This bookcase was different than every other bookcase. It was really dusty. So I opened the bookcase and nothing happened. The only thing that did happen was it lit up. I didn’t really think that was very interesting because it just probably was a light for seeing which book to pick. The bookcase had really scary books in it.

I picked a book from the case and I looked at it. The title was called The Halloween Magic Book. The book was very old just like the bookcase. I opened the book and started reading it. I turned the page and the next page had pictures. But were my eyes telling me the truth? Everything in the book had to do with magic. Nothing was coming out of the book but it was magic. I had to figure out why everything in the picture was magic. I looked at the back of the bookcase and it said: Halloween Magic.

I was frightened. I realized that I was holding a magic book! How come my heart was beating so fast? Oh, right, I forgot. I was scaring my head off. Well, at least the librarian was here. She could help me get a book. I knew I should have asked my mom to come with me. I probably wouldn’t be as scared and shivery as I was now. All right, now I needed to start researching.

I went on the computer and I looked up Halloween magic. The computer facts said Halloween magic is a type of magic that can only be used on Halloween night but you can use the magic for anything. I said to myself… anything? This is great. I got back to reading. You can use it to fly or create any type of food. The good thing about this book was that it didn’t only have Halloween magic. It had Valentine magic and Thanksgiving magic. But still, the only time you could use it was on Halloween night. It was close to Halloween night. That meant that I would be able to use the magic in a couple of days!

The next day the book started moving like a bird flying through the sky. I saw the book moving in the sky. "Mommy! My book is flying and moving in the sky. Help me get it."

"Honey, how can a book fly? Books can’t fly."

"Believe me, Mom. Just do. Come upstairs and look."

Mom looked and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

"How could…wha, wha, why is a book above my eyes?"

"Mom, I told you the book was magic. On Halloween night the book is magic."

"But honey, it’s almost Halloween."

"Exactly, Mom! You’re going to have magic on Halloween night."

I got to the middle of reading the book and it said that it will form monsters, ghosts, goblins, and Frankenstein. I got the shivers. My heart started beating like huge drums. My mouth dropped open. "Monsters!" I said. "I’m going to return this book. It’s too frightening and spooky." I turned the page and it said that it wasn’t returnable. "Ahhh!" I screamed. I wondered what would happen if I did return it. I read on and on and it said that if someone did return it they would be spooked. So I didn’t return it.

The next day was Halloween and it was very close to Halloween night. I was very scared and happy at the same time. Ding, dong. It was Halloween night and the book made a ding dong sound. I started using the magic to organize my closet. There was no monster. Well, at least I didn’t see any monster but I smelled a weird and stinky smell. I saw a shadow across my bedroom. But I still wasn’t scared because it was probably just a tree’s shadow.

I used the magic for being able to talk to animals because I love animal. Then I felt something touching me. I ran in circles and screamed. After I screamed everything was silent. The only thing that I heard was my heart pounding. I heard breathing. I turned around and I saw two huge, red eyes. It was a monster! I ran away and he kept on chasing me. I stopped running and I took a breath. The monster stopped, too.

I saw the monster up close. He was really icky and green. He had a watch around his wrist and for some strange reason his clock said 3:00 AM. But the real time was 12:00 PM. He talked in a different language than we do. The monster said, "Plie, ple, plour priend."

I said, "What?" And he wrote it down. He could write the correct way but the spoken language? I don’t think so. The monster finished writing. I looked at the paper and it said: I be your friend.

"But I thought that monsters were supposed to be scary." The monster wrote that he knew that I read the book.

I said, "How do you know that I read the book?"

The monster wrote that I could call him Mosy. So that was what I did. We got back to talking about the book. Mosy said that because of the powers from the book, I realized that he, the monster, really wanted to be my friend. So I was his friend. And everybody lived happily ever after.

Is That You?

By Joseph

Knock! Knock! Crack! Blam!

"Uhh, Mom? When will Dad be done with the attic?" I said.

"Soon honey, very soon."

I went up to tell dad to keep it down. I climbed up the old rickety steps and through the hole. It was dark up there but I was used to it.

"Dad, could you keep it down?" I said.

I got nothing as an answer.

"Dad! Can you keep it down?"

All of a sudden I started to shiver and I ran back downstairs with my heart pumping. That night I was expecting loud noises again because dad was still in the attic. But all I heard was creak creak. I was wondering what was happening. I slipped out of bed and crept down the hall. I climbed up in the attic and I saw a pair of big red eyes. My heart pounded and pounded.

"Dad, is that you?"

"Grrr" was all I heard.

All of a sudden it lunged for me and bit me on the neck! The next night I felt weird. My eyes were yellow and I was growling. I went outside to get some fresh air. I realized I was standing on all fours!

I only saw anything that had flesh and then I knew I was a werewolf. I didn’t like being a werewolf but I heard of a potion that could change a werewolf to a human. I had to go a long way to get it but it was worth it. I got two bottles and I drank one. Then I got my dad’s absolute favorite apple cider and poured the potion in. I gave it to my dad and he drank cup after cup till it was all gone.

But that night I heard growling. I knew the potion worked. I checked and dad wasn’t there!

"Good thing a friend gave me spares." I said to myself. Then I remembered he went out through the woods to the White Hen. I set out. I reached the woods and I heard someone yelling for help.

"Dad!" I yelled.

I ran through the woods, dodging branches and bushes. I found Dad and he was fine, but surrounded by coyotes. I thought they were werewolves and I threw the potion on them. I was amazed that it worked, but it turned them into pussycats instead. My dad thanked me and we walked home.

All of a sudden we heard pat, pat pat. I turned around and nothing was there. I looked up - it was cloudy. It must be the rain I thought.

Snap! Crunch! Pat! I froze. I slowly turned around. Red eyes were looking straight at us. My heart pumped and pumped. I grabbed a potion not knowing it was a different color.

The thing stepped out – it was another werewolf! I threw the potion on it and it turned into a butterfly, but it had a big mouth with sharp teeth. My dad and I ran away from it.

"Mutant butterfly" mumbled my dad. "We will have to get every monster good in the world" said my dad.

"Okay" I said.

The Fear

By John

I was walking on the street on Halloween night with my friends Harrison and Heather. We were all alone. Suddenly, the flashlight blew out. It was dark – very dark.

I saw a person hiding in the bushes. I had goosebumps and Harrison screamed and Heather ran away! Then I discovered that the person was really a trash man and he was picking up the trash on the side of the road.

My friends and I did not get any candy. We were very upset. I saw Heather hiding in a bush, shivering and scared. I never saw Harrison ever again, so he was gone.

The Disappearance

By Hannah

One day I as walking in the woods with my friend to find her dog. The woods were dark and cold. There were no leaves on the trees and the branches looked like skeleton hands.

All of a sudden we heard leather wings. Then my friend screamed and disappeared. I ran faster and faster but I tripped on a twig. I screamed and the leather wings got closer. I heard something say, "I want to drink your blood!" I stayed on the ground and I felt very sharp claws.

I ran into a house and a door slammed shut. I tried to open it but I couldn’t. I could hear moaning from upstairs. I went upstairs and I heard banging. The banging was coming from the attic.

I went up to the attic and there were pieces of toilet paper all over. Then I saw it – a ZOMBIE! The zombie had raggedy clothes and red eyes. The it came towards me.

"Leave me alone", I screamed.

"No", said the zombie. "I am going to chase you".

I ran to my house and locked the door. I ran upstairs to my room and shut the door.

Are You There?

By Harrison

I went downstairs. CREAK. I looked around my living room and saw nobody. I looked all around my house. Nobody was there.

One familiar house had a light on. It looked like the lamp was someone looking out the window. It looked like an abandoned house. It had cracks in it and a part of the door had a crack in it too.

I walked towards the abandoned house. My legs trembled and my heart was pounding hard. I reached out for the door. I didn’t touch it and it opened by itself! I walked in and the door shut. It looked like an attic or messy basement.

I walked up stairs, creek went the stairs. Then I heard a scratching sound behind me. I looked back it was nothing. I said, I saw a huge shadow behind me , I stared , panicking. I looked back, and then, I saw two big huge blue eyes It was a Wolf. AHH/. I ran down stairs and saw something, it was white and it was floating. I was a ghost. There was nothing I could do except to run. So I did and went right home.. and I never went back to that house again.

The Scary Moment

By Cody

I was walking on Halloween, trick-or-treating with my friends, Nico and Harrison. We came to a spooky house. It only had one window and there was only one light on but we decided to walk to the house. I rang the doorbell. Nobody answered.

"This is creepy," Nico said. But we walked in anyway.

"Wow, is this messy, or what?" Harrison said.

"Stop being scairdy-cats," I said.

The house had towers on the top and sharp fences all around it to keep everybody away.

"Let's look around this weird place." I said.

So we walked up the stairs and heard a hissing noise. It was getting louder and louder, closer and closer. We were shivering and our legs trembled. We started getting colder and colder. Then we saw big, sharp, white fangs trying to get Nico. It was a vampire!

Accidentally, Nico fell out of the window and we never saw Nico again. We started running down the stairs, out the door, down the street, and never went back to that house again. Every time we walk down that street we think we hear Nico moaning.


Halloween Monsters?

By Briauna

It was Halloween night and Hailee and her mom were picking up her friend Ashley to go trick-or-treating. They were trick-or-treating but they had to walk by a house that had never been lived in. It had spider webs all over the house. It was always dark over the house when all the other houses were normal and had nice, green grass.

Hailee was a witch and was wearing a big tall hat, black clothes and had a broom. Ashley was Frankenstein. They had just gotten in the car. "I forgot my trick-or-treating bag at home, Mom" said Hailee.

"We'll go back home and get it," said Mom.

"Go get it, Hailee" said Mom.

\Then Hailee, Ashley, and Mom walked down the street. All of a sudden they heard, Haa, ha, haaa! They looked all around themselves. Then they looked up at the moon and saw a shadow of a witch on her broom. They all had shivers up their spines. Then they looked behind and there was a fat and tall giant. He said, "Woo hoo wa wa."

"What?" said Ashley.

"Woo hoo wa wa," the giant said back.

Then they all walked forward. All of a sudden the saw a boy with a flashlight who was making the witch shadow and he was saying, "Haa, ha, haaa." Hailee, Ashley, and Mom still didn't know what the monster was. Then Hailee looked behind her again and the giant had a regular head. She told the others to look. The giant began to talk normal. It was just a person with stilts and a fat costume. They headed home after that and Ashley and Hailee shared their candy.

The Dare

By Lydia


It was a hot afternoon in October. I wanted to go for a swim before trick-or-treating. I knew a place that had a pool but it was part of an abandoned house. At the bottom of the pool it was half black and half white. There were old wooden benches and a crooked diving board. The abandoned house had broken shutters and windows.

The kids at school were daring me to swim there. I started down the block. Finally, I reached the house. I ran in the back, threw my towel on the bench, and went to the diving board. "Cannonball!" I yelled.

I heard a splash after I jumped in. "It must just be my splash," I said to myself. I started to swim to the end of the pool when I heard another splash. I turned around but didn't see anything. I got goose bumps all over my body.

Suddenly, the water turned to ice. I felt a cloth next to me but nothing was there. I turned back around and started swimming again. SWISH!! Something went right past me. I saw it. A pearl white ghost! I got shivers up my spine. I tried to swim to the end but I couldn't. I was frozen stiff!

"HELP!" I yelled, but no one answered. I yelled even louder. Luckily, my friend Heather was walking by and ran to help me. She jumped in but it was too late. The ghost had disappeared.

"What happened?" asked Heather.

"A ghost appeared out of nowhere!" I gasped.

"That was the ghost of the little girl who lived here." said Heather. "She drowned on Halloween. She haunts whoever swims in her pool," explained Heather. Everything began to spin. Then the next thing I knew I was in my bed. I was in my wet bathing suit so I knew it was real.

Haunted Mountain

By Jennie

Crack, boom, crrunch! I was half snow leopard. I did not care about the rickety rocks. I was with Ligy and Chiky, my sisters, but Chiky was stuck. Ligy was helping. I went so I could check for danger.

Meanwhile a huge rock came loose from the cliff. But a tree was there. I still calmly walked. Then I stopped. I smelled. Nothing? Hum, oh, well. A little while later...grrrrr. I knew it was not me. Snow leopards cannot growl.

I ran in circles. Then I said, "Wait, if I run in circles, I will waste energy and not run away." Meanwhile, Ligy pulled. Chiky pushed. Finally, Chiky got out.

I saw a hat. I smelled a stinky smell and I heard a cackle. I saw a witch! "Angeek," I said.

"What?" said Chiky and Ligy, together. And they cme running. I was on a fishing pole! Then Chiky and Ligy saw the witch. The witch said, "Oh, no! You escaped!"

"Yes," said Chiky. I swung to the cliff and we ran away and went rock climbing again.

The House

By Ryan

Clunk! Boom! Bam, went the ball as it rolled into the yard of the deserted house. Jim had been playing ball at his house and the ball went onto the lawn of the deserted house next door.

Finally, two days later, Jim went to get his ball. He set one foot carefully on the lawn. Jim put his other foot on the lawn. He turned around, then... Bam! A ghost chased him into the deserted house! The door slammed behind him. Ahh! Jim yelled.

He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Bats flew onto his face. Ahhh! The bats went away and there was no food inside. "How could these things live?" Jim said to himself.

Jim went upstairs to look for a bathroom with an open window. He found one and opened the door. Creak went the door. There was a ghost in there. He came after Jim. Jim slammed the door so the ghost couldn't get him.

He looked for a bedroom to sleep in. There was one next to the bathroom. Jim ran in then fell into a dark hole that led into the dungeon. It was dark as midnight black. Luckily, he found a trapdoor under a rug. When he opened the door there were cobwebs and spiders everywhere. It was disgusting. It led outside the haunted house! Jim was so happy and decided he would never go in that deserted house again.

Riding My Dirt Bike at Night

By Elijah

One night I rode my dirt bike alone. My dirt bike ran out of gas at a mysterious house. It was a petrifying house. I went to the abandoned house and reached for the door. It had cobwebs on it. I went inside. My heart was pounding. I heard something upstairs. The sound was getting louder and louder. I loaded my BB gun. Something jumped out. Ahh! It was a monster. I shot it. I went to look for some gas. I went downstairs into the kitchen. There was a witch in the kitchen making soup.

"Hello, what oh!"

"Hello. What is your name?"

"My name is Linda. Do you want some soup?"

"No, but thank you. Do you have a gas barrel?"

"Yes, I do."

"Would you show me?"


"And some tools?"

"Okay. Why do you need this stuff?"

"I have a Honda dirt bike."

"Would you show me?"

"Okay! Well, there you go. That's my dirt bike. And here are your tools. Thanks. Well, I better get started..... It's done."

She gave me a bag. I looked inside. It was candy.

"Thanks and can I stay a little longer?"


"I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat?"

"I have candy. How about that?"

"Okay. This is good candy. Do you have any skittles?"

"Yes I do."

"Can I have some?"


"I love Skittles. Okay, I've had enough. I need to go. Bye."


"What was that?"

"The sound of my dirt bike."

Jason's Alive

By Justin

It was a stormy night. I was taking my dog for a walk when I came to a graveyard. I walked in because I heard a strange noise.

All of a sudden a flash of lightning hit a grave. It happened two times in a row. A man that had died came out of the grave. I was scared and my blood turned to ice.

He had ants on his face and reddish black eyes and... and... a bloody body. He chased me until I got to my house. He broke through the window so I went to John's house and opened the door. I yelled to John and he was eaten by the monster.


The Unknown from the House Next Door

By Kenny

One time my sister double-dog dared me to go to the haunted house across the street. I said, "Only if you come."

My sister Monica said, "Ok, only if you go first."


The haunted house across the street was wicked spooky. It had spider webs and part of the door hinge had fallen off. So on Halloween night we snuck into the haunted house. Monica pushed me in front. I slowly walked up to the steps and an arm came out from under the steps. It snatched my leg. The same thing happened to my sister. We found out that was the only passage and that passage led us to the basement. Then we walked as slowly and as quietly as a mouse up the stairs until we got to the top. We saw blood dropping from the ceiling. We saw a silky cape and shiny, white fangs. It was a vampire! The vampire was about to suck Mom's blood. I quickly picked p a sharp stick and nailed him right before he bit her neck. We killed him and my mom was alive. She went to the hospital and we lived happily ever after.

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