Ratiocination Ratiocination


1) Using two colors, underline every sentence switching colors per sentence. (Example: 1st sentence blue, 2nd sentence green, 3rd sentence blue, 4th sentence green, etc.)

2) Bracket the first four words in each sentence. [  ]

3) Place an "s" above each subject and a "v" above each verb. (This is for both independent and dependent clauses.)

4) Circle all "being" verbs even if they're used as helping verbs. (Ex: be, am, is, are, was, were, has been, have been, had been)

5) Place a box around all the vague words and those you've been asked not to use. (Example: well at the beginning of a sentence, big, small, a lot, stuff, thing, very)

6) Place a triangle around the word it.

7) Write an X through the pronoun you.

8) Place a wavy line under repeated words - even if they're GREAT words!


1) Find spelling errors and write "sp" in the left margin.

2) Find words, sentences or paragraphs that you don't understand and write "explain" in the left margin. (This would include situations where ideas are hard to follow, more details are needed or there is too much repetition.)

3) Place a "?" in the margin if punctuation is not correct.

4) Write "trans" in the left margin if there is no transition from one paragraph to another OR no transition within the paragraph.

5) Write "frag" if there is a sentence fragment or "RO" if there is a sentence run-on.

6) Write at least one positive comment at the end of the paper and then sign your name.

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