Voice in Writing Voice in Writing
When writing, it is important for the author's voice to be reflected. This is a challenging area to teach and sometimes, an even harder one to evaluate. It is so important, however, because the state of Texas will be using author's voice as part of the criteria for evaluating your essay for the TAKS. Consequently, each student needs to have a basic concept of what voice is.
First, the writer should do all of the following:

1) Write honestly and from the heart
2) Use language that brings the topic to life for the reader
3) Care about what is being written
4) Write with the understanding that someone will be reading your work
5) Use more expression than an encyclopedia article
6) Give the reader a sense of the person behind the words
7) Connect with the reader
8) Look at your topic from different angles and choose the one you are most comfortable presenting.

Some questions that can be asked when evaluating someone else's paper for voice are as follows:

1) Is the composition honest and sincere or does it sound phony or fake?
2) Does the writer seem interested in the topic or does he sound bored?
3) Does the composition keep the reader interested or does it sound like an encyclopedia article?
4) Does the composition have feeling and emotion or is it lifeless and boring?
5) Does the work show the writer's personality or could it be anyone's paper?
6) Is the work unique or does it lack originality?
7) Does it appear that the work was written to be enjoyed or only to fulfill a class assignment?

Trying to incorporate your personality in a composition is not an easy task - especially if you're not thrilled with the topic given! If you consider voice when revising your work, however, your special personality will shine through!

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