Writing a Paragraph Writing a Paragraph
Writing a Paragraph

Writing a paragraph is not difficult but there are some rules that need to be followed. First, the writer should determine the main idea of the paragraph and then write it in the form of a complete sentence. This sentence is called the topic sentence. Every sentence that follows should relate to the topic sentence, or else it should be eliminated. Please read the following example:

Teenagers from the city have different educational opportunities from those of their country counterparts and there are positive and negative aspects to each. First of all, teenagers raised in the city have a broader choice of extra-curricular activities from which to choose while teenagers in the rural areas have limited choices. For example, students in the city have athletic choices, which include gymnastics, soccer and swimming and these options are not available to many rural students. Students in the country are not at a disadvantage, however. Many small-town schools do not have team try-outs so every student who wants to play on a team automatically makes the team. Because of the limited number of students in the school, a larger population plays multiple sports. This advantage is not limited to athletics, either. In large urban schools, students tend to choose one primary extra-curricular activity and spend large amounts of time on that one organization or sport. Sometimes this can lead to more advanced skills in that activity and may offer more scholarship opportunities. In order for smaller rural schools to support a variety of activities, students are encouraged to participate in several. This allows teenagers in rural schools to be well-rounded in their educational career. It is not unusual, for example, for a student to participate in football and baseball and still be an active member of Student Council, the National Honor Society and the Future Farmers of America. Whether a teenager is enrolled at a large city school or a small rural one, he has many educational opportunities which should be utilized to their fullest.

Please note how the topic sentence is clearly stated and every sentence that follows relates to this topic. The concluding sentence provides closure, yet it also is relevant to the topic.

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