Instructions for Vocabulary Words Instructions for Vocabulary Words
Instructions for Vocabulary Words

(Updated July 11, 2017)


Students are not required to complete vocabulary words early but if cards are/were created early, the brochure with vocabulary words should be retained, so students know the order to follow when learning words. (Please see #7 below.)


1)     Please keep your list of words and definitions in a safe place at home. Once all note cards are complete, the list may be kept in your binder.


2)     On an index card (any color or size), the student should hand write – not type - the vocabulary word on one side and the COMPLETE definition on the other with each vocabulary word on a separate card. (For example, if there are 25 words on a list, then there should be 25 cards.) Since these will be used for studying, students should not use markers which bleed through. Writing the words and the definitions ON NOTE CARDS as I’ve indicated will result in the student receiving a 100 as a daily grade. Every day the assignment is late will result in points being deducted from the assignment grade as per departmental policies. (Please note that I will not accept definitions on anything other than note cards even if the paper is cut into squares.) Students can use the same set of cards for both 7th and 8th grade. (They also may come in handy throughout high school!)


3)     The vocabulary cards for Roots #1, #2, and #3 require the student to write the root on one side of the card and the definition on the other side. The examples are included to assist the student in understanding the root – this information is not placed on the card. (If you want to include it, though, you may.)


4)     Please write your name or initials on every card. I recognize that this is time consuming but this should prevent students from “borrowing” other students’ cards.


5)     Please use a new set of cards for each list. Do NOT cross out old words/definitions and then write the new word/definition on the old card. If I catch a student doing this, I will not grade those cards and they will be considered late until they’re turned in.


6)     Please bring the “active cards” with you to class each day. When you are finished with class work, you will be expected to study vocabulary words. The rest of the cards should stay at home.


7)     You are expected to learn 5 words a night and review the previous words learned on a list. Using this method, you will you will know all of the words in less than a week. To hold you accountable for this schedule, you should expect a quiz at any time over the words you’re expected to know. For example, if you receive the words on Tuesday, you should know 15 words by class on Friday.


8)     Once you have taken a test over a set of words, please keep your cards at home in a safe place.


9)     Students need to complete their own cards by hand. They may not use another student’s cards nor should someone complete the cards for them.

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