7th Grade Supply List 7th Grade Supply List
2017 - 2018

7th Grade Supply List (2017 – 2018)

(Note: This is not the “official” list as all teaching assignments have not been made for the school year.)


General Supplies Used for All Classes:

1. Personal planner: Please purchase one that gives students room to write down all of their assignments for every class. It doesn’t have to be an official planner – for some students, a spiral works just as well.

2. Expandable folder: This will help students organize their homework, class notes, and/or announcements that they need to share with their parents.

3. 1 box of Kleenex: This should be given to Mrs. Stluka who will divide them between the other JH teachers


Mrs. Stluka – English

·         Notebook paper (wide or college ruled) Please get enough for the entire year.

·         Blue or black ink pens to last the entire year

·         Sharpened pencils

·         1” binder with five dividers

·         Composition book

·         (400) 3X5 index cards. They may be any color and may be lined or unlined.

·         15 zip-lock bags to store your vocabulary cards.

·         2-pocket plastic folder (Brads are optional.)

·         Flash Drive – this can be the same one used for technology


(Students will use their notes cards and zip-lock bags for their vocabulary words. These cards should remain at home until requested. Also, students should not bring a year’s supply of pens and notebook paper to school. They should have an adequate supply for the week in their backpacks and replenish supplies as needed.)


Mrs. Michalec – Technology

7th Grade Keyboarding:

·         1-inch binder

·         Flash drive

·         1-500 count ream copier paper

·         Pen/pencil

·         Highlighter


Coach McCarthy – Reading

·         Notebook paper

·         Pens/Pencils

·         Map colors

·         1-inch binder

·         One set of dividers (5)




Coach Pustka/Coach McCarthy – Social Studies

·         Notebook paper

·         Pens/Pencils

·         Map colors

·         1-inch binder

·         One set of dividers (5)

·         100 index cards – lined or unlined



·         1½ inch binder with pockets

·         5 Dividers

·         10 Sheet Protectors

·         Wide ruled notebook paper

·         Red Ink Pen

·         Pencils


Coach Rehak - Science

·         Notebook paper

·         Pens/Pencils

·         Map colors

·         2-inch, 3-ring binder

·         One set of dividers (5)

·         Ruler

·         Pair of scissors

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