Capitalization Capitalization

Notes over Capitalization

I. Using Capitals for First Words

   A. Capitalize the first word in a declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory sentence.

   B. Capitalize the first word in a quotation.

II. Capitalize the word I

III. Using Capitals for Proper Nouns

   A. Capitalize ALL proper nouns.

   B. Capitalize each part of a person's full name.

   C. Capitalize geographical names.

   D. Capitalize the names of specific events and periods of time.

   E. Capitalize the names of various organizations, government bodies, political parties, and nationalities as well as the languages spoken by different groups.

   F. Capitalize references to religions, deities, and religious scriptures.

   G. Capitalize the names of other special places and items.

IV. Capitalize Proper Adjectives

V. Using Capitals for Titles of People

   A. Capitalize a person's title when it is followed the person's name or when used in a direct address.

   B. Capitalize the title of certain high government officials even when the titles are not followed by a person's name or used in a direct address.

  C. Capitalize titles showing family relationships when the title is used with the person's name or as the person's name.

  D. Capitalize the first and last words and all the other important words in the titles of books, periodicals, poems, stories, plays, song titles, movies and works of art.

  E. Capitalize titles of school courses when the courses are language courses or are followed by a number.

  F. Capitalize the first word and all nouns and pronouns in letter salutations, as well as the first word in letter closings.

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