Adjectives and Adverbs Adjectives and Adverbs

                    Notes over Adjectives and Adverbs

I. Adjectives: an adjective is used to describe a noun or a pronoun

   A. Questions an adjective will answer are as follows: 

       1. Which one? 
       2. What kind?
       3. How many?
       4. How much?

   B. Adjectives usually come after the word but they can also come before it. Some examples follow:

       1. The Shiner Comanches are tough and brave.
       2. The English language, challenging yet interesting, is studied by teenagers around the world.
       3. Handsome and tall, David Robinson commands attention wherever he goes.

   C. Articles are adjectives

       1. Definite article: The word the is a definite article because it refers to a specific person, place or thing.
       2. Indefinite articles: The words a and an are indefinite articles because they refer to any one of a class of people, places and things.

   D. Proper adjective is when a proper noun is used as an adjective OR an adjective is formed from a proper noun.

   E. Compound Adjective is made up of more than one word and is sometimes hyphenated.

II. Adverbs: an adverb is used to describe a verb, an adjective and even other adverbs

   A. Questions an adverb will answer are as follows:

       1. How?

       2. Where?

       3. When?

       4. To what extent?

   B. Adverbs can be anywhere in a sentence - even within a verb phrase. Some examples are as follows:

      1. Carefully, Mom wrapped my present.

      2. My mom carefully wrapped my present.

      3. Did my mom carefully wrap my present?



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