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Student Expectations

2017 - 2018


I know that it’s impossible to list everything a student is not allowed to do. At this age, students know right from wrong and should follow their conscience. To help illuminate (SAT vocabulary word!) my expectations, I’ve listed some specific rules below:


1)      Students should be in their seats – without running – before the bell rings.  All instructions posted on the screen should have been followed. Personal business (visiting with teachers, going to the bathroom, and getting water) should be done between classes. Students should remain in their seats during class unless they have permission to get up. This includes getting and disposing of Kleenex.


2)      Students should realize that different students learn in different ways and at different speeds so they should be patient with someone who hasn’t mastered a concept that seems easy. Saying “That’s so easy!” to someone who is struggling is unkind. On the other hand, all students have a responsibility to stay focused on the lessons being taught in class. It’s not fair for the class to hear the same lesson over and over and over because a student chooses not to pay attention.


3)      Students should be kind to all – including themselves! Saying something unkind and then following it with "I was just kidding!" is not acceptable. Classmates are like family. Not only will these students be in class together for the next six years, but they’ll also meet periodically for class reunions. They might as well face it … they are bound together so it’s important that they learn to get along with one another.


4)      Language and behavior in the classroom may not be the same that students use with friends, family, or teammates. If a student is unsure about the appropriateness of a comment, he should assume that it’s NOT appropriate.


5)      Respect school property. Writing on a desk – even inadvertently – is one example of disrespecting school property. Students writing on desks should expect to have morning detention spent cleaning desks.


6)      Students can think anything they like – contrary to popular belief, teachers cannot read minds – but saying something aloud may result in punishment. If students have a concern about something that’s taking place in my classroom or a problem with something that I did, they need to talk to me privately. If there is a problem with another student or teacher, then this problem should be discussed with that individual at an appropriate time and place. Please do not bring a problem into the classroom and allow it to disrupt the learning process. Also, social media is not an appropriate place to share disparaging words about others. If someone is old enough to use social media, then he or she is old enough to use it responsibly and to expect consequences for what is presented.


7)      Students should expect to work the entire class period. When daily work is completed, students should use their time studying vocabulary words and/or reading an AR book. Consequently, vocabulary cards and AR books should be brought to class every day.

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