Accelerated Reading (AR) constitutes the portion of the junior high reading program which allows students an opportunity to practice independent reading at a comfortable reading level AND with a book that is of interest to them. During the school year, students will also have class sets to read independently but a teacher is available to answer questions while students are reading plus there are regular quizzes so students can gauge their understanding of the material. Also, we will read a number of selections from our literature book and most of these will be read aloud. AR reading is the only time that students will be practicing independent reading.

Although some have mixed emotions about AR - and others just downright dislike it! - AR is important. The more students read, the more their reading comprehension will improve. It's exciting when students find an author they like and then look out ... they're reading everything they can find by that author and/or of the same genre.  Most adults do the same thing, so students are actually learning a life lesson. Although points determine the grade a student receives, students tend to get more pleasure from reading when they focus on finding a story that truly interests them rather than finding a book worth many points. If students can't find an interesting book, they should ask their friends for suggestions. (I'll be happy to suggest some as well.)

If your child wants to increase his chances of success on the state test, in the classroom, and eventually in college, it's important that independent reading is done on a regular basis. AR will help meet this need.

The following notes are important:

1) The AR list is CONSTANTLY changing so it’s best not to print it and keep it as an “official” record.

2) Point values on the test may be different from what’s printed here. The test is the final authority.

3) ALWAYS check this list to see if a book has been approved by me even if the library has the book labeled as a JH AR book.

4) Once a movie based on a book is released, the book is AUTOMATICALLY removed from the list even if no notice is given.

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