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Houghton Mifflin Grade 1 Words List Themes 1 - 5
Houghton Mifflin Grade 1 Words List Themes 1 - 5
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Houghton Mifflin Grade 1 Words List Themes 6 - 10
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Houghton Mifflin Grade 1 Words List Themes 1 - 5 Houghton Mifflin Grade One Words Lists Themes 1 - 5

Hello -

  On the main home page, I will tell you the theme number and week number that we are working on.

The story vocabulary are words that your child will see in the many stories we read each week. You could make a list of these words and have your child practice reading them or discuss the meanings of each word.

The phonics library is a collection of stories, 3 per week, that highlight the skills for the week as well as high frequency words. You may see your child come home with these. If they do, please have them read them repeatedly for fluency practice. 

Houghton Mifflin Reading


Week 1 - Phonics skills: short vowels, all consonants

               Comprehension skill - sequence

               Phonics Library: Tam Cat, Cat on the Mat, Cat Sat 

               Anthology (class reading book) 

                           On the Go!

                           Mac the Cat (main story for week)

Words to Know - go, on, the, cat, sat, a, and, have, is, my, see, bat, can, get, hug, jam, lap


Week 2 - Phonics skills: Short vowels and all consonants

               Comprehension skill - compare & contrast

               Phonics Library: Nan Cat, Fat Cat, Tap Tap


                             Cam and Pat

                             A Day at School (main story for week)

Words to Know - and, here, jump, not, too, we, can, fan, nap, pat, tap,                             a, have, is, like, play, to, cut, Jen, let

Story Vocabulary - add, playground, read, school, sing, teacher


Week 3 - Phonics skills: short vowels and all consonants

              Comprehension skill - cause & effect

              Phonics Library: Can it Fit?, Who Can Hit?,

                                       One Big Fat Fig


                            A Big Hit

                            Pigs in a Rig (main story for week)

Words to Know - a, find, have, one, to, who, big, hit, it, pig, ran, sit,      are, see, get

Story Vocabulary - bump, goodbye, mess, mud, tub



Week 1 - Phonics Skills: short vowel words with 3 sounds

                Comprehension Skill - noting details         

                Phonics Library: Dot Fox, Bob Pig and Dan Ox,

                                          Once Upon a Dig


                                 A Lot! A Lot!

                                 A Party for Bob (main story)

Words to Know - five, four, in once, three, two, upon, what, box, did, got, hot, lot, Wag, for, he, I, is, my, she, Ben, get, wet

Story Vocabulary - birthday, brother, cake, candles, happy, kids, party, surprise


Week 2 - Phonics skills: short vowel words with 3 sounds

                Comprehension Skill - fantasy & realism

                Phonics Library: Not yet!, Big Ben, Get Wet, Ken!


                                    Val Can Help

                                     The Bunnies and the Fox (main story)

Words to Know - do, for, I , is, me, my, said, you, get, help, kids, next, yes, yet, are, he, play, see, dug

Story Vocabulary - Bear, bunnies, bunny, little, snow, window, woods


Week 3 - Phonics skills: digraphs - wh, ch, sh, th, ck    

               Comprehension skill: Story Structure

               Phonics Library: The Bug Kit, Quit It, Zig!, Rug Tug


                                    Quit It, Bug!

                                    A Surprise for Zig Bug (main story)

Words to Know - are, away, does, he, live, pull, they, where, Bug, jug, quit, up, Zig, Zag, like, play, see (if it has a capital letter then it is a character name from one of the stories)

Story Vocabulary - leaf, pool


Week 1 - Phonics skills: sh, ch, th, wh, ck

                Comprehension skill: Topic, Main Idea, Details/summarizing

                Phonics Library: Cabs, Cabs, Cabs, Fall Naps, Pam can Pack


                                 Animals in the Cold

                                 Seasons (main story)

Words to Know - animals, birds, cold, fall, flower, full, look, of, see, buds, is, lots, pick, pups, will, play

Story Vocabulary - bear, insects, leaves, rain, south, spring, summer, trees, winter


Week 2 - Phonics skills: bonus letters f,l,s

                Comprehension skill: predictions

                Phonics Library - Lots of Picking, Bill Bird, Tim's Cat


                                 Ham and Eggs

                                 Miss Jill's Ice Cream Shop (main story)

Words to know - all, call, eat, eating, every, first, never, paper, shall, why, fixed, Jack's, licked, yelled, she

Story Vocabulary - cone, dish, green, ice cream, kind, napkins, shop, try, wish


Week 3 - Phonics skills: Bonus letter rule ff, ll, ss, all (glued sound)

               Comprehension Skill: Categorize and classify

               Phonics Library - Let's Trim the Track!, Brad's Quick Rag tricks, Fran Pig's Brick Hut


                                   The Trip

                                    At the Aquarium (main story)

Words to Know - also, blue, brown, colors, funny, green, like, many, some, grab, grass, it's, let's, trip

Story Vocabulary - breathe, dolphins, fish, otter, sea, sea horse, tails



Week 1 - Phonics skills - Glued sounds of AN and AM

                Comprehension Skill - Drawing Conclusions

                Phonics Library - Hot Dog, Tom's Plan, Jack's Hut


                                Fluff is Missing!

                                Go Away, Otto! (main story)

Words to Know - children, come, family, father, love, mother, people, pictures, your, black, blocks, fluff, plan, play

Story Vocabulary - clean, pillows, sorry, visit

Week 2 - Phonics Skills - base word and suffix -s

               Comprehension Skill - Compare and Contrast

               Phonics Library - Knock, Knock, Miss Nell, Deb and Bess


                                   Zack and His Friends

                                   Two Best Friends (main story)

Words to Know - friends, girls, know, play, read, she, sing, today, write, best, knelt, rest, sign, snack

Story Vocabulary - books, Dear, new, sign, smile


Week 3 - Phonics Skills - concept of baseword and suffix s

               Comprehension Skill - sequence of events

                Phonics Library - Buzzing Bug, Duff in the Mud, Jess and Mom


                                  Dad's Big Plan

                                  Dog School (main story)

Words to Know - car, down, hear, hold, hurt, learn, their, walk, would, just, must, scrub

Story Vocabulary - chase, day, face, leash, school, stay, street


Week 1 - Phonics skills -  base words and suffix s

                Comprehension Skill - compare and contrast

                Phonics Library - The Shed, Champ, Hen's Chicks


                                  Moving Day

Words to Know - grow, light, long, more, other, right, room, small, these, shell, this, that's, smooth, why

Story Vocabulary - fancy, heavy, hide, inside, plain, rough, smooth, wait



Week 2 -  Phonics skills - glued sounds ng, nk

                 Comprehension skill - making generalizations  

                 Phonics library - Pets in a Tank, Gram's Trip, Stuck in the House


                                Me on the Map

Words to Know - could, house, how, over, own, so, think, world, state, place, find

Story Vocabulary - ball, country/countries, Earth, giant, special, street/s, town/s



Week 3 -        Phonics skills - glued sounds ng, nk 

                      Comprehension skill - cause and effect

                      Phonics Library - Pine Lake, Fun Rides, Jim and Sal


                                           The Kite

Words to know - give, try, good, was, her, fly, little, kite, like, she'll, doesn't, isn't, didn't, it's, can't, we've

Story Vocabulary - anywhere, beautiful, convinced, easy, news, perfect, raining, weather

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