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Helpful web sites

 This page is used to note materials that I will refer to in class. You need to check the specific page for your class. If there is more than one section to your class, please make sure you look at the material for your class. 



There are changes to how to get your textbook on line.....see the section entitled Class Projects and the information is there for whichever system you have. 

This site will take you directly to the New York State Regents exams

This is a new site for review ....check it out!

This is the web site to download the NEW Chemistry Reference Tables if you wish:

This site can be used for graphing using Microsoft Excel:




This is a great site for the elements and lots of other important facts....

A song to relate the elements to everyday experiences!

A great PBS video on Hunting the Elements


Want to know the chemistry behind many everyday activities? Check this site:   

For review of significant figures and scientific notation you can use:

this site...and many more can be used for the elements on the periodic table:

If you wish to check out any of the Regents exams for Chemistry, just go to the sites below and click on the subject. The answer keys are there as well.

This site has videos on chemical equations and ioinc equations


This site has acid base information:

This site covers Le Chatelier's Principle

This is a site for radiation in everyday life

Here are a few sites on types of chemical reactions and tips on how to balance them.

This web site has all kinds of problems for review

This site is another one for review of all topics

This web site is the one with the periodic table and all its information

Web site for mole calculations:

200 Ways to Pass the Chemistry Physical Setting Regents exam - it may be helpful to run off a copy for your use and we will use it for review sessions -


Another review site that is updated every so often:


This web site is for Conceptual Physics - if you want a great review of all the material in physics that is covered in a Regents course:




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