Classroom Standards Classroom Standards

Health Sciences- Classroom Standards



ATTENDANCE:  You have a new job!  Learning how to become a healthcare provider, and you have a new employer- ME!  In essence, you work for me!


  • Regular attendance is required.  If you have more than 5 absences, the instructor will review your attendance.  It will be at the instructor’s discretion whether you continue in the program. 
  • Call or text in by 8:00AM if you must miss class; you will receive a 10 point deduction in WE (work ethics): however, you may make up work missed if you notify me of your absence that day.
  • If you do miss class, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work and turn any assignments in within 3 days; otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • If you miss class on an exam day and it is excused you will take a Make-Up exam on the next day you are at school.  Unexcused will not be made up.
  • No Call No Show (NCNS) will disallow any make up work to be turned in.  If you NCNS on the day of an exam, you will not be allowed to make it up.  You forfeit all work ethic points for the day for a NCNS and your ability to make up work (in the real-world of work, you’d be fired).


CLASS TIME: Report to classroom on arrival to the school, otherwise you will be counted tardy or may not be admitted to the classroom. 

  • During lecture, raise your hand if you have a question. 
  • Do not talk when someone else in class is talking. 
  • No sleeping or laying head down during class time. 
  • Bring textbooks, paper and pencil to class every day. 
  • Book bags are to be stored in your locker only! 
  • Check your mailboxes daily.
  • Remain in your seats until the bell rings.  Do not stand at the door!!
  • Note taking is each student’s responsibility- don’t ask if you should write something down.  Most classes are college credit, your are expected to perform at college level.


BREAKS:      Breaks are a privilege and may be removed if abused by students. 

·         You may bring a drink or snack for break time, no food or drinks at your desk except water, no food/drinks in the lab.

·         During break time, you may use the bathroom or get a drink and then return immediately to the classroom, do not remain in the hallway. 

·         Use of the bathroom during class will only be for emergencies. One person at a time.


PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR:     Attitude and respect!!

  • Avoid talking out in class raise your hand. 
  • Enter the classroom promptly and quietly and wait for class to begin.  This class requires your full attention. 
  • Check “The Drama” at the door. No gossip!

 All students are rewarded 10 points every day.  You will keep all your points by following the established standards.  Work ethic points are designed to help, not hurt your grade and to prepare you for expectations your employer will have of you in the future.  Professional behavior is expected at all times!!


CELL PHONES:      Cell phones are not to be seen in class or used or heard.   If you need to make a call please see instructor to make arrangements.  If a cell phone is out there will be one verbal warning, next time it is taken and turned into the principal.  No headphones, IPODS or other electronic equipment in class.


TEST:            Quizzes may be given at any time with no notice.  Notice will be given on blackboard and webpage for unit test.  No talking or looking around during testing- it will lead to automatic 0.  When test complete turn in your paper and return to your desk and sit quietly until all are finished.  Test must be taken in blue or black ink or pencil only or you will be given a 0. 


SAFETY:       It is your responsibility to maintain a safe environment, clear walkways, no loose items, trash on the floor.  Respect your space and supplies.

  • Clean the break area tables and push chairs in when done. 
  • Put supplies away in their proper place when you are done using them.


COMPUTERS:         You are to only to be on the computer when assigned.

·         Improper usage of the computer will result in loss of privilege of the computers.  Only use school related sites, no face book, my space or Instagram!


Cheating:  Cheating will not be tolerated, if caught it will result in a 0, as well as a 0 for the person you are cheating off of.



·         If you have a sub, treat them with respect and do as told!

·         Enter and exit the classroom in a professional manner.

·         Be prepared to work!!!


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