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2013 Challenge: NATURE'S FURY 2013 Challenge: NATURE'S FURY
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Project Summary

The FLL Project Challenge: Nature's Fury

Prepare. Stay Safe. Rebuild.

This year' challenge is to choose a community where a natural event could cause a natural disaster. It could be a city, village, town, township, county, or district. It can be where we live, nearby, or far away.  The natural disasters allowed are:

  • Avalanche or landslide
  • Tornado or cyclone
  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Flood
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Hurricane
  • Wildfire
  • Storm (wind, sand, blizzard, or rain

Hotshot Fury Lightning Trampolines Project Summary

  • Disaster Exploration
  • Research Paper
  • Complete Bibliography

  • Innovative Solution: FASTA-3D

    • Proof of Concept

    • Implementation Plan

  • Experts

    • Dan Michael, Science Consultant

    • Mike Kieffer, Ham Radio and Electronics

    • Krista Wyatt, Fire Chief and Disaster Planner

    • Chris Vecchi, Fire Lieutenant

    • Emergency Management Agency

    • National Weather Service

  • Field Trips

    • Motoman

    • Fire Department

    • City Buildings

    • Ham Radio (onsite)

    • Milford Amateur Radio Club

  • Share

    • School Gathering, adults and other teams

    • Carlisle Parent Meeting

    • World (on our website)

    • Fire and Disaster Planners

    • Milford Amateur Radio Club

    • Carlisle City Councilman

    • National Weather Service

    • Warren County Emergency Management Agency

  • Learned about Community

    • Decision-Makers

    • FEMA: Warren County is behind in disaster planning.

    • Warren County Emergency Management Agency

  • Discovery

    • Disasters

    • Disaster Kits

    • Wildfire and Fire Suits

    • Securing Trampolines

    • Maintaining Ongoing Communication – Ham Radio

    • Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certification

    • Weather/Tornado Spotting

    • Science of Tornadoes

    • Early Warning for Tornadoes

      • Average time is 13 minutes

      • Outdoor Warning Systems not meant for indoors

      • Weather Station is 162.475

      • Tornado warning is at 1050 Hz

    • Block diagrams for electronics

    • Proof of Concept

    • Receiver, decoders, mutes,

    • Smoke detectors sound at 85 db

    • AA Batteries are preferred by emergency responders

  • "Get Real" Curriculum Letter Writing Campaign. From our experience on this project, we decided that students should be offered survival and real life skills.

    • CPR/AED
    • First Aid
    • Ham Radio
    • Weather Spotting
    • Wilderness Survival
    • Disaster Planning
    • Insurance Planning
    • Financial Planning
  • Trampolines in Storms. In our challenge journey, we started out by talking about our personal experiences with storms. Some of have trampolines, and in a recent tornado, there were neighbors whose trampolines flew into other people's yards. We were glad we weren't outside, but it made us think of the danger of flying trampolines. They are also made of metal frame, so that made us think of lightning. That is how we got the name for our team! We found lots of videos about them blowing in storms. We considered doing our project on this, but the inground solution is an effective solution, and is not a major problem for our community. We kept the name "Lightning Trampolines" to remind us that we should think ahead and prepare for disasters, or we could end up somewhere else, just like these trampolines.


Photo from West River Electric Association






Lightning Trampolines
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