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The children will learn about maps and globes. Then they will study the great state of New York!

Chapter 1: A Place Called New York

  • The Land of New York
  • The Waters of New York
  • Our State's Climate
  • Local Connections

Chapter 2 : Resources & Regions

  • New York's Natural Resources
  • The Regions of New York

Chapter 3: First People of New York

  • Early People of the Americas
  • People of the Eastern Woodlands
  • The Iroquois Confederacy
  • Learning from Artifacts

Chapter 4: Colonial New York

  • European Explorers
  • New Netherland
  • British New York
  • Life in the New York Colony

Chapter 5:  The Revolutionary War

  • Unrest in the Colonies
  • Revolution in New York

Chapter 6:  From Colony to State

  • A New State, A New Nation
  • Business on Wall Street

Chapter 7:  Early Years of Statehood

  • The Western Frontier
  • Steamboats, Canals, and Railroads
  • Energy and Growth

Chapter 8:  In Search of Freedom

  • A Call for Change
  • New York in the Civil War






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