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Old Reading Resources » Prudy's Problem

Prudy's Problem

Prudy's Problem Prudy's Problem


Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It

Target Skills

Reading Skills - Fantasy, Main Idea, Monitor and Fix Up

Vocabulary Skill - Dictionary

Grammar Skill - Irregular Plural Nouns

Phonics Skill - Compound Words

Writing Skill - Organization/Paragraphs

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Quia:  vocabulary Study Stack
Quia Spelling Spelling City. com
(Follow this link.  Click on "Find a List."  Type in "Bittof-Ross"
Then, find the correct set of spelling words and play.  Unit 2 Week 3
Smiley Vocabulary Prudy's Problem PowerPoint
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Spelling Activity ABC Order
Smithsonian Kids Collection To Cheat or Not to Cheat
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Rivet Vocabulary Cloze Paragraph
Locate a Sentence Sequence
Main Idea Fact and Opinion
Nouns Trash Stash

Spelling Words -  Prudy's Problem
Compound Words
Skill - A compound word is two smaller words joined together.
Keep all the letters when spelling compound words.
example: home + work = homework

Vocabulary -  Prudy's Problem
Words to Know
1. collection:  group of things gathered from many places and belonging together
2. enormous:  very, very, large; huge
3. realize:  to understand something clearly
4. scattered:  separated and going in different directions
5. shiny:  giving off or reflecting light; bright
6. strain:  to draw tightly; to stretch too much
Other Words to Know


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Spelling Game
Spelling City

ppt Story Power Point (ppt file)

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