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For Parents

Encourage your child to read!

There are many ways to help children develop an interest in reading.

  • Let your child select a book to read.  Fiction is fine, but non-fiction titles - biographies, science, and history - are also great choices.
  • Show that you like to read. Set aside some time each week to read a book of your choice while your child reads, too.
  • Read a story to your child.  Try reading a chpater each night at bedtime for a great evening routine.
  • Visit your public library.  It's the world's best, free entertainment deal.
  • Let your child build his/her own library by setting aside a shelf for special books.
  • Remember, that there is no substitute for praising success at reading.

Guide your child to make good selections!

Reading level and interest level often conflict.  If your child reads above grade level, then you need to help your child make age-appropriate selections.

  • Check the interest level of the book. LG usually means lower grades, like K-3, while MG means middle grades for 4-8. The interest levels are similar to movie ratings.  If you don't allow your child to watch PG-13 movies, then you may want to hold off allowing them to read MG books.
  • Picture books come in all reading levels.  Just because a book is in the picture book format does not mean that it is an easy read. The text in a picture book can be challenging yet easier to read because the story flows continuously and isn't chopped into chapters.
  • Allow your child options in selecting books. Publishers use Interest Levels or Age Levels and not reading levels to guide readers. Let your child explore books that are appropriate for their age as well as their reading level.


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