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Ask the Librarian

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Can I recommend a book for the library?

Yes, recommendations from students, teachers, and parents are always welcome.  Email me the titles of any books you think would be good additions to our collection.

2.  Who decides what books are in the Media Center?

Following Gwinnett County policy, all purchases must be approved by the Media Committee, which is made up of teacher representatives from each grade level, administrators, and parents.  I make the selections after reading at least 3 reviews about each book and often check with other media specialists for their opinions.

3.  Do we have A.R. quizzes for all of the books?

With the new upgrade to Renaissance Place, our students now have access to over 162,000 A.R. quizzes. If there is a quiz, students will be able to take it. Not all books have had a quiz written for them by Renaissance Learning, the company that produces the quizzes, so students should check on a quiz if they are interested in taking one for a particular book.

4.  Why can't I take A.R. quizzes at home?

The A.R. program does not provide internet access for the quizzes.  The quizzes are only available on computers in the school.

5.  Can I purchase A.R. quizzes for books my child has read?

With the new program, we no longer have to purchase individual quizzes. Continue to support the A.R. program through the Camp Creek PTA.


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