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Your Fourth Grade Teachers
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4th Grade Newsletter Fourth Grade Newsletter

Our Mission:  At Shrine Catholic Grade School we try to exemplify Christ by praying, learning, and growing together.





St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Baskets

As always, we are putting together a St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Basket to help a large needy Detroit family.  This year the 4th grade classes are “adopting” a family of 12 (6 adults and 6 children) to help during the holidays. The last day for collection is Friday, Dec. 11th.  No meat. No money. No gifts . NO GLASS PLEASE! Please see the list of suggestions provided by St. Vincent de Paul. You don’t have to limit your donations to the list, but these are the items most needed. We tried to divide up the needed items by class so that we don’t get 500 puddings and zero soups, but feel free to send in what is in your pantry.  We cannot accept EXPIRED food of course. St.V will be providing the families with a supermarket voucher to purchase meat/fresh foods.  Send in your food donation and your homeroom teacher will take it from there!  Thanks!!!! 

214 MORRISON                213 GMEINER                         208 FRECHETTE
condiments          small bags of flour                    cans of meat/tuna
stuffing small bags of sugar oil              canned fruit
honey vinegar salad dressing              canned vagetables
rice/pasta olives                                        soup
peanut butter crackers                                    instant potatoes/gravy
coffee, tea, cocoa nuts                                         packaged cookies
powdered milk cake mixes                               instant jello/pudding

Week of November 30, 2015

Religion-We begin our week back from Thanksgiving with an Advent Prayer Service. Students will have a Jesse Tree in the Religion notebooks this week.  Each day, we'll discuss the object on the tree and read its corresponding Bible verse.  Every grade explores the Jesse Tree a bit differently!  It's our way to celebrate Jesus' family tree during Advent!  Students will also go to Reconciliation on Tuesday morning.  It's a great way to start the holy season of Advent.

Science-What an interesting discussion about the wolves of Isle Royale.  Wolves had not been found on Isle Royale for years.  Scientists and the government decided to reintroduce them to help balance the population of moose.  Things went well for a number of years, but now the wolf numbers are declining.  This is one of the examples of tough choices humans have to make about food webs!

Reading- Students will be sharing the "book review" portion of there recent book reports. It's always great to hear book recommendations from friends! 

English-  We'll be writing opinions about Thanksgiving this week.  I encourage the students to share their page of opinions with family on Thanksgiving day!  

Math-We're diving into multiplication this week.  First we'll review facts, but very quickly we move on to multiplying bigger numbers.  By Christmas we'll be able to manage multiplying by 2-digit numbers.  Keep working on those flashcards, Xtramath, iPad or computer drill really makes a difference!  We'll be taking daily timed quizzes during class.

Social Studies-We'll examine the events of the French and Indian War this week as we prepare to re-enact Pontiac's Rebellion of 1763 and the Battle at Michilimackinac.  The children will be allowed to bring props and costumes on Thursday and Friday.....they may NOT spend money on anything....they can use props that they "make" and costumes must be what is available at home!!  This is a fascinating story of how one brave Ottawa chief orchestrated an incredibly successful series of attacks on the mighty British in Michigan. 

Mrs. Gmeiner, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Frechette

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