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Fourth Grade Newsletter

Our Mission:  At Shrine Catholic Grade School we try to exemplify Christ by praying, learning, and growing together.

Week of January 12, 2015

Religion-Ask your child about the chart they made in their Religion notebooks.   Students created a T chart that described what someone with self-control looks like and sounds like.  Many students included words like:  calm voice, keeps hands to themselves, waiting before answering (think before you speak!), kind words, and using manners.  I was impressed! I asked for about two or three benefits to exercising self control:  strengthens relationship with God, happier parents, easier time getting along with friends, and so on.  Wow!  

Their paragraphs about dignity and respect were also impressive.  I am hanging them out in the hall so other teachers, students, and tours can read their thoughtful writing!

Science-The students have exercised their graphing skills by interpreting a data table that listed populations of field mice, hawks, and owls over a six month period.  Students created neat and colorful graphs that showed how the populations of each changed and their ideas why they did.  For example, in January there were 25 field mice.  In March there were then fifty.  Why? There were three hawks in February and four in June.  What are some reasons why the population didn't change much? 

Reading- We're still working on Greek mythology and some of the allusions, or sayings, that come from them.  Students will also read King in the Kitchen this week. This is a play from the reading text and gives us another great opportunity to work on fluency and characterization.

English-   Adjectives continue as our focus this week in English.  Adjectives are describing words and they allow us to "show, don't tell" when we are writing or speaking.  Comparative and superlative adjectives (Ex: smarter, smartest) describe two or more things.  Students will also be identifying proper adjectives like "Italian food" or "Michigan cherries".

Math-Parents, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!  Our fourth grade mean for the test was 88.7!!!  That is an INCREDIBLE grade average.  Now I know I worked hard and so did the kids, but I must acknowledge that YOU worked some real magic at home too.  But.....just when you thought you could breathe a sigh of relief....along comes LONG DIVISION!!!  Yes, this week, we'll be introduced to the idea of remainders and dividing BIG numbers.  By the end of January, the children will have mastered this!  If it's any comfort, most kids find LONG DIVISION much easier than multiplication!!

Social Studies-This week we'll sharpen our geography skills as we prepare for the geography bee.  We'll review landforms, major rivers, mountains, deserts and islands in the world and use our WONDERFUL iPads to review some important state facts by playing "STACK THE STATES".  The state posters are wonderful and adorn our know I'll use those posters as a learning tool too!!! Thanks for your help with this!!!  On Wednesday we'll do some CLOSE READING to research Thomas Edison's life as we gather historical facts for our upcoming writing project.  Near the end of the week, we'll learn how the American Revolution led to the War of 1812!!!!  

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