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Fourth Grade Newsletter

Our Mission:  At Shrine Catholic Grade School we try to exemplify Christ by praying, learning, and growing together.

Week of May 31, 2016

Religion-The Mary projects turned out wonderfully! Many visitors and other teachers have commented on their great work!

We continue with the sacraments.  We ended last week with students created a 'stained glass window' with each sacrament represented.  They'll finish those up this week and I'll hang them so the sun can shine through.

Science-Our focus is on rocks still this week.  We'll read an article in our text covering how artists use rocks as their medium.  Students will have a rock and mineral scavenger hunt in the classroom too.  

Reading-   For these next two weeks we will be reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  The novel is a timeless fantasy that has many similarities and differences to the popular movie.  We will have class discussions about character analysis of the main characters and broad comprehension of the story.  

English-  Students will work on writing some poetry this week.  We will be discussing the elements of various types of poetry.

Math-We'll work our way through the remainder of the 4th grade curriculum during these last 2 weeks.  Upcoming topics include: polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, area and perimeter (formulas), symmetry...both line and rotational, congruent vs similar, motion geometry (translations, reflections, rotations), 3D figures like prism, pyramids, spheres, cones, and nets.  It's a lot to cover, but we manage every year....All work is classwork UNLESS not finished in school...then it becomes homework.  Notebooks are being collected (and returned) this week for a study skills grade.

Social Studies- What would you do if you had less than a week for vacation and $1000 to spend?  Why you'd make it a MICHIGAN vacation wouldn't you? We'll pull out our maps and come up with some plans (within our budget!) for your family to take a great Michigan vacation!!!! I can't wait to see what the kids come up with!

 Mrs. Gmeiner, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Frechette

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