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Our Mission:  At Shrine Catholic Grade School we try to exemplify Christ by praying, learning, and growing together.

Week of November 3, 2014

The field trip to Saint Anne's, Mexican Village, and Assumption Grotto is Tuesday.  We've talked with the kids about using a disposable camera, if you wish to bring one.  Come if you can!

Religion-We begin the week celebrating All Saints Day with the High School and Academy.  Join us for Mass Monday at 9:00 if you can make it.  We've talked at great length in class about how saints were their age once, too.  We can make saintly choices! November's Fruit of the Spirit is Generosity.  How appropriate for the season!

Science-Did you know the vibrant fall colors we see are the real colors of leaves? During the spring and summer, the chlorophyll is busy being green and helping with photosynthesis.  When there's a drop in temperature and amount of sunlight, that's a message to the tree to get ready to hibernate.  Who knew trees hibernated like a bear? We'll wrap us plants and photosynthesis next week and plan on a test the week of November 3rd.  I'll have more details next week. Ask your child about the plant scavenger hunt!

Reading- This week we will be reading Adelina's Whales, an informational piece from the reading text.  Students will be working with facts and opinions as well as pulling literal information from text.  We will be using a couple of graphic organizers to sift through the details of the story.  

This week's Time for Kids is titled "Space Invaders" and is about foreign plant and animal species invading the U.S. Students will discuss and answer questions like:

Should the U.S. government spend money battling invasive species? 

Are the penalties for people who break laws regarding invasive species strict enough? 

English- We continue working with possessive nouns.  Possessive nouns show ownership.  Both singular and plural nouns can become possessive nouns.  We will also be writing to "show, not tell".  "Show, don't tell" means to describe something for your readers instead of telling them something too obvious.

Math-We'll wrap up Ch. 5, TIME, with a test on Wednesday.  There are many ways to prepare for the test......jeopardy and stop the clock (under my links), the chapter review, and notes.  MATH NOTES ARE DUE THURSDAY. Because it's the end of the quarter, we won't begin a new chapter.  Instead we'll turn our focus to the election process and our local candidates for governor, senate, and house.

Social Studies- After taking our Michigan Indians test on Tuesday, we'll focus on the upcoming election and then the historical significance of our St. Anne's trip next week.  We'll learn about two men who left their marks on the city of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and Fr. Gabriel Richard. Did you know????? Gabriel Richard.....

·   was the first priest to serve in Congress.

·  started the first library in Michigan.

·  started the first newspaper in Michigan.  He co-founded the University of Michigan with John Monteith.

·  helped give Michigan its first good road between Detroit and Chicago.

·  was captured and held prisoner of war by the British during the War of 1812. Chief Tecumseh negotiated for his release by refusing to fight for the British while they held the beloved American priest.

·  Some consider him a martyr because he worked among the sick and dying during a cholera epidemic in Detroit in 1832. He was the LAST person in Detroit to contract the disease during the epidemic.  He died from his illness.

·  was much loved by the Native Americans.  He taught them how to read and write and skills like sewing.

Cadillac, originally from France, left Europe to command a fur trading post in North America.  His first command was at Michilimackinac, and then at St. Ignace.  Later, he wanted to STOP the British from encroaching on the fur trading business around Michigan and so he had an idea to squeeze them out of the business by starting a trading post at the straits that join Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.  Detroit means “the strait”.  He traveled almost 7 weeks from Fort de Baude to get to the place we now call Detroit.  He arrived with 25 canoes with about 50 voyageurs and 50 soldiers and 2 priests on July 24, 1701.  Work to begin a new stockade and later a fort began quickly, first by clearing the land and 2 days later on July 26, 1701, construction of the first building, a church, named St. Anne’s began (it was the feast day of St. Anne).  The first street in Detroit was named St. Anne too! Cadillac named the settlement Fort Pontchartrain.  Native Americans from the Ottawa, Huron, and Potawatomi tribes made homes outside the fort and they were eager to trade with the French.  Cadillac is called the FOUNDER of DETROIT because he was the first European to establish a settlement here.  His wife came to join him and was the first European woman in Detroit too.  Cadillac was somewhat of a tyrant and many of the soldiers and voyageurs were unhappy with him in command.  The French King eventually sent him to Louisiana. The St. Anne’s Church we will see is the 8th building called St. Anne’s but it is almost in the same location near the Detroit River.  It was built in 1886. Several of the buildings (all wooden) burned down, and as the parish grew, a larger building was needed. Still St. Anne’s is the second oldest continuous PARISH in the United States (only St. Augustine’s in Florida predates it).   

We will be looking for le nain rouge while we are in the area!  Cadillac was the first European to see the Nain Rouge, but the Ottawas were terrorized by him for thousands of years before Cadillac’s arrival.  After seeing the nain rouge, Cadillac’s life went downhill and he died penniless and forgotten back in France


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