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In order to have the very best learning environment for all students, there are 5 rules in place in our classroom.  Choosing to follow these rules will result in very positive rewards.  Choosing not to follow these rules will result in different consequences.


1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Raise your hand to speak or get out of your seat.

3. Turn assignments in on time & have materials for class.  BE PREPARED!!

4. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

5. Show respect for others in & out of the classroom.

*If your child chooses to break one of our classroom rules, the number of the rule broken will be noted in your child's planner that day.



1ST TIME: WARNING, pull card/no daily stamp/no raffle slip

2ND TIME: all of above plus lose 10 min of recess

3RD TIME: all of above plus lose ALL recess, note sent home

4TH TIME: all of above plus phone call home

**Serious infractions will result in a trip to the principal's office immediately as well as written documentation in student file.


1. Students who do not pull their name cards will put their name in the Raffle Can daily for the Weekly Prize.

2. Students who have broken 5 or less rules as noted on their class card  each quarter will earn the Quarterly Reward (Hardee's trip, popcorn/movie day, pizza party, etc.)

3. Hawk Bucks, stickers, certificates, coupons, extra recess, etc. will be given throughout the year.

Thanks for your cooperation in creating an environment conducive to the very best learning for your child!


Mrs. Belko's Class
Hillsboro R-3