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Welcome to Mrs. Krohn's 

Early Childhood Class


Mrs. Krohn's Early Childhood is both a part-time and full-time multi-level program. We are very fortunate to have Dianne Rossi as a full-time assistant in our classroom.  Our classroom is divided into centers such as math, science, reading, blocks, art, and dramatic play centers.  We base many of our learning centers on the letters of the alphabet. Each week we focus on the "letter of the week," and many of our daily activities will incorporate that letter. Our math center will promote number recognition, as well as counting, graphing,  and patterning.  We have religion lessons daily, and we  follow the liturgical calendar.  We celebrate many cultural holidays during the course of the year, and encourage parent participation at many of them. 

  Full-time children have a choice of purchasing lunch or providing their own, and a lunch menu will be sent home at the beginning of each month.

All Early Childhood children are assigned a job each week.  Some of our jobs include: flag holder, messenger, line leader, napkin and cup helper, table cleaner, watering the plants, calendar assistant, etc.  By giving the children jobs, it encourages them to take an active part in the classroom, and take pride in what they do. Jobs are given out on a weekly basis each Monday morning.

All students will be assigned a locker.  We keep our jackets/coats,  lunches, extra clothing, and any toys/items that may come to school inside of our lockers. All backpacks should be brought into the classroom and hung on the appropriate hook.  Please label all items with your child's name. 

                            Please feel free to email me at Krohnj@smik8.org

Mrs. Krohn's Pre-K
Saint Mary's Institute