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Sight Words

Need a new list?  If you've misplaced your current sight word list, just scroll to the bottom and print a new one out from home!


              What Are Sight Words? 

Sight words are the most commonly used words in the English language, ranked in order of frequency. The first 25 words make up about one-third of all printed material in English! The first 100 words make up about one-half of all written material, and the first 300 words make up about sixty-five percent of all written material in English. The best way to learn high frequency words is directly through reading, so please encourage your child to read, read, read!

Playing games with sight words is a good way to offer your child more exposure to these words. Some children remember a word after only a few exposures to it, while others might need dozens of exposures. There are children who need to see a word hundreds of times in order to remember it. All learners are different--no one is the same!

Learning sight words should be fun, not tedious work. Engage your child by turning sight word practice into a game. Some kids love seeing  how many words they can accurately read in a minute--for those children, use a timer to create an extra challenge. For others, playing a game with their words is more fun. Exposure to high frequency words doesn't have to mean boring drill work--be creative!

 Sight Word Games

Are you looking for some fun games to play with your sight words?  Click on the smiley face and check out these great games!!

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