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Welcome What to Look for on the Webpage

Welcome to the Osceola Elementary School Title 1 webpage!  I am excited to partner with parents in the education of their children, and I hope to make this website a valuable tool in that endeavor.  Our goal in the Title 1 program is to increase student acheivement by working collaboratively with families and students. 

Our teachers are regularly gathering and analyzing data from student assessments to determine the areas of greatest need for our students.  The rest of the Title 1 Intervention team and I use these results to identify students who will receive additional academic support from us and which evidence based teaching methods and tools we will use to increase their learning.  More information regarding these tools is located in the About the Program section.

I welcome feedback regarding this webpage, especially how it might be developed to be more useful to families. 


Please take time to let us know how the Title 1 program served your family this year!

Title 1
Osceola Elementary School