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Math » Math ~ Review and Practice

Math ~ Review and Practice


The links below can help students practice the

skills learned throughout our year!


Choose one of the sites below to find

great activities to work on.

1Math 500 Race- Practice Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division as you race your car around the track!  What is your fastest score??  (Press "Start Your Engine" to begin)

2.  Telling Time- Practice your time telling skills!

3.  Add Like Mad- Practice your addition skills using this fun, fast paced game.

4.  Math Magician- Practice your addition/subtraction skills or multiplication/division skills on this timed test!

5.  Measuring Centimeters and Inches- Practice your measuring skills.  You can choose the unit and the level of difficulty.

6.  Multiplication/Division Baseball- Practice your multiplication and division skills with America's favorite past-time... baseball!

7.  Multiplication MATHO- practice your multiplication skills while playing BINGO!

8.  Place Value Golfing-  go golfing with Professor Duck Von Fly and his cousin Charlie as you practice place value.

9. Place Value Video and Game- watch a video to refresh your place value skills for whole numbers and numbers with decimals.  Play a game when you are finished!

10.  3-D Shapes- Use this website to investigate three dimensional shapes!

11.  Anglemania- Get extra angle practice with this interactive website.  You will read information, practice your skills, and then test yourself!

12.  Angle Aliens- Help Robot Guy defeat the aliens as you practice your skills of obtuse, acute, and right angles!

13. Practicing Polygons-  Review your skills for polygons using games and fun activities

14.  Division MATHO- Practice your division facts using this interactive site!

15Division Machine- Practice your division facts using this "Machine."  Choose one of three levels to work on.

16.  At Home Activities- Click here to find activities you could do at home with your parents!

17.  Addition Flash Cards-  Click on one of the links below to practice your addition facts using flashcards.

             Mixed Facts #1           

           Mixed Facts #2           

           Mixed Facts #3

18.  Subtraction Flash Cards-  Click on one of the links below to practice your subtraction facts using flashcards.

           Mixed Facts #1

           Mixed Facts #2

           Mixed Facts #3

19.  Adding Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies- Practice adding up the total number of coins

20.  Cash Out- Practice Making change for customers in a store

21.  Change Maker- First find out how much money you should get back in change, then pick the correct amount of coins.

22.Stop the Clock- Match the correct digital time to the correct clock... as fast as you can!

Mrs. Whetstone
Third Grade ~ Riverside Elementary East
Riverside School District
School & Kreig St
Moosic, Pa 18507