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TX Studies » Projects » Texas Independence Parade

People in the new Republic of Texas rejoiced after winning independence. Create a float for a parade celebrating this historic event.


  • shoe boxes or compatible box
  • construction paper
  • string
  • dolls and other figures
  • paint
  • crayons/markers
  • 2 dowels
  • scissors
  • 4 bottle caps for wheels
  • small nails or thumb tacks
  • glue
  • hammer

      Decide on which battle of the Texas Revolution to use for the theme of your float. It must have something to do with the Texas fight for independence
      Turn the shoe box so that the open side is down. Punch four small holes in the box for wheel axles. Place the holes directly across from one another at the same height, or the float will pull crookedly. Also punch two small holes in each end of the box so that you can string the floats together.
      Put the dowels through the holes in the shoe box. Attach the wheels to the dowels by poking the dowels through the wheel and securing it with a small nail on the end of the dowel.
      Decorate your float. You can use cardboard to form structures and then cover them with crepe paper "flower." You can also use construction paper, paint, or toy figures on your float. Be creative
      Write an explanation announcing your float's theme and what it has to do with Texas independence.

    Note: The following categories will be used to judge the float.
  • Contents and Facts
  • Attractiveness
  • Theme
  • Design
  • Construction

  • Miss Jones' US Studies Class
    Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School
    2001 Kiest Blvd
    Dallas, TX 75216