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TX Studies » TEXAS History


Jo Jones

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Before School Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-8:35

US Studies

8th grade USHistory is the study of man pushing out into foreign lands planting the seed of democracy. Free enterprise is explored through images and primary sources of men and women searching for wealth in the land. Today adventurous men and women invest in natural resources yearning to strike it rich and return to the wild boom days of the previous century. Texas has opened its borders to a variety of people fleeing their homelands and giving them the opportunity to become the face of democracy in our great state.

What we will study

Using maps, charts, images and graphs, we will see the growth of the cities as the masses seek a better life. Tracing their footsteps we are reminded of a time when patience and perseverance was a valued quality in everyday life. The new face of young immigrants, an overburdened social system, limited water resources, aging population, all these and other problems await solution as Texas walk into the Twenty-first Century.

1st Six Weeks--Exploration and Colonization

  • Week 1-2: Pre-Inventory--Clasroom Constitution, Geo-literacy, and Why History is Important
  • Week 3: The Regions of Texas
  • Week 4: The Native American Tribes of Texas
  • Week 5: European Exploration 
  • Week 6: Spanish Settlement

2nd Six Weeks--Texas Revolution

  • Weeks 1-2: Anglo-American Colonization
  • Week 3:The Road to Revolution
  • Week 4: Texas Constitutional Convention
  • Weeks 5-6: Texas Revolution

3rd Six Weeks--The Republic of Texas

  • Wekk 1-2: The Republic of Texas
  • Week 3: Texas Annexation
  • Week 4-6: ACP Review and Finals

4th Six Weeks--Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Weeks 1: Texas Civil Rights
  • Weeks 2: The Changing Face of Texas
  • Weeks 3-4: Wedges of Separation
  • Week 4-5: The Civil War
  • Week 6: (TAKS Writing) Reconstruction

5th Six Weeks--Boom and Bust

  • Week 1: War on the Plains
  • Week 2: Cattle Ranching in Texas
  • Week 3: The Reign of King cotton after the Civil War
  • Week 4: The New Industrial Economy
  • Week 5: The Oil Industry in Texas
  • Week 6: An Age of Reform

6th Six Weeks--20th century Texas

  • Week 1: (TAKS Testing) World War I
  • Week 2: The Rise and Fall of Texas (1920-1941)
  • Week 3: World War II
  • Week 4-5: 20th Century Texas
  • Week 6-7: Wrap-up and Review



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Miss Jones' US Studies Class
Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School
2001 Kiest Blvd
Dallas, TX 75216