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TX Studies » Projects » Mini Projects

Listed below are mini projects you may complete for extra credit.

Stephen F. Austin Arrested

Activity: Research the arrest of Stephen F. Austin in Saltillo, Mexico. Then assume the point of view of Austin and write a letter explaining how he was arrested and why he now belies that revolution is the only way to gain independence from Mexico. Remember to make references to facts from your research in the letter

Research Web Sites:

 Primary Source: Austin Tells of his Arrest Stephen F. Austin;s letter dated January 17, 1834, explains the circumstances of his arrest and urges the colonists to remain calm

O.P.Q Letters: While Austin was jailed in Saltillo, some colonists advocated a more forceful response despite Austin's pleas for calm in the colony.

Stephen F. Austin: This is a brief overview of Stephen F. Austin

Empresario Colonies

Activity: Research the location of an exmpresario colony in Texas. Tehn analyze physical factors that affected where colonies were establishing by creating a chart that displays the following information: the name, landforms, natural resources, and climate of the colony. You may wnat to illustrate your chart.

Research Web Sites:

Empresario: In this site you will learn the definiton of an empresario

DeWitt Colony: A Web Site on the circumstances of the founding of the DeWitt colony near modern day Gonzales, TExas. Primary sources, information on daily life in the colony, and maps from the period provide an excellent glimpse into life in Texas during the Empresario period.

Texas Climate Data


In this project you will Learn about Texas Climate conditions. Locate the following for your area and another Texas community at least 100 miles away:

    • elevation,
    • average summer and winter temperatures,
    • average rainfall, and
    • length of growing season
  1. Create a table of your findings

Research Web Sites

Texas Weather: Current weather conditions in Texas. Click on the region or city for weather information

About Texas: Geography Links: Links related to geography and the natural environments of Texas are arranged by topic

Making your Own Maps


In this project you will research how maps are made, what maps can illustrate, and how maps are formatted. Make a map that illustrates the absolute and relative location of our school. Include a directional indicator, a legend, and a scale.

Research Web Sites

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: Available on this site is practically any map you are looking for.

The Shape of Texas: View a satellite of Texas. (Highlight the name of your state and then click on Submit query)

Mapping Landforms


Research one of the following types of Texas landforms:

  • Hills,
  • Mountains,
  • plains,
  • Plateaus

Then create a map showing the location of that type of landform. Write a caption that compares and contrasts the importance of that type of landform to each region of Texas in which it is located. Speculate on how the type of landform you researched affects the economic and social development of Texas.

Research Web Sites

Texas' Natural Environment: Visit this site for information on the natural environment of Texas.



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