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As an educator I believe that all students enter the classroom expecting to learn. It is my responsibility to provide them with a safe environment that enables students to do just that-- LEARN. I also believe that structure and consistency are keys to success in the classroom.

Experience: 17years in the field of education. 8 years in the field of Juvenile Justice.
Education: BS (University of North Texas). MS.Ed (Walden University)
Certification(s): Special Education; Generalist 4-8,
Endorsement(s): Reading Laureate, MS Office 2003 Fundamentals, Information Technology Terminology fundamentals
Professional Membership(s): Phi Delta Kappa Intl'; National Middle School Association; National Council for the Social Studiess;Texas Council for the Social Studies; American Federation of Teachers. Texas State Historical Association
Mantra: The concept of classroom management is broader than the notion of student discipline. It includes all the things teachers must do to foster student involvement and cooperation in classroom activities and to establish a productive work environment. (Sanford, Emmer, and Clements, 1983)
Vision: To cultivate a learning environment in which every student can reach their full potential  knowing that they are valued and have self worth.
Mission: To provide students a safe environment that is based on mutual respect where learning is highly valued as a life long process.
Goal: To empower students to be self-disciplined, competent problem solvers through the use of research-based theory and practices.
Objective : To equip students to be critical thinkers and effective communicators of their needs as they take ownership of their learning

Miss Jones' US Studies Class
Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School
2001 Kiest Blvd
Dallas, TX 75216