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Yearly Calendar Yearly Calendar
My students love to fill out monthly calendars. So I finally made one for each month.  I started with August since that is when our school starts.  I made each month with six weeks since I wanted this calendar to be used for more than one year.  I thought the extra week or two I could do some following directions things.  Since most months there will be extra boxes, you could make up questions for each box.  For example:  In the first box, write your name.   In the third box, write an addition fact with the answer of 13.  In the fifth box, write the name of your favorite book.

You can use these calendars for homework, special notes, conduct, or just having the students fill them out and asking questions.

For example:
What is the date of the 4th Monday?
What is the date of the 2nd Thursday?
What day is the 23rd?
How many days in this month?
What day does this month start on?
What day does this month end on?
Color the box with odd numbers in yellow.
Color the box with even numbers in red.
Skip count by threes and circle the numbers.


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Joanne Griffin