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End of Year Awards End of Year Awards
At the end of our school awards, I invite the parents & grandparents back to my room for my awards. I make sure each child has at least one or two awards. Sometimes I have to be creative to give an award, but always figure something out. I have collected several lists that I use. I have attached them, but not sure where all I got them. I hope you can use them or maybe it will help you think of awards you can use with your class. There's a lot of awards on the internet for free if you just search for them.

Don't forget to have your students do a secret ballot on their Super Citizen of the year.  Talk about what makes a super citizen and then give them a piece of paper to write their choices on-girl on one side and boy on the other.  I also give a Super Citizen of the year award.  Joanne

Here are a few certificate websites-







go to certificate maker

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Joanne Griffin