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First six weeks math work stations First six weeks math work stations

I have been working on some worksheets/work stations for the first six weeks for math.  I tried to make them different from work in the book.  These could be used for learning centers or just review worksheets.  I was thinking about laminating them and letting the students use dry erase pens.  (I bought a laminator at Sam's for $127...I love it!  The pouches were 200 for $20.)  The number cards could be used in other math games too.   Joanne

*My students needed extra practice with reading large numbers so I added a page to the place value worksheets.  Then I decided they needed more, so made a separate unit for reading/making large numbers.  I have a very low bunch this year in math.  So it looks like I will be making a lot of worksheets for extra practice and for work stations.  Maybe you can use some of them.

**I couldn't get my problem solving task cards to save to my website, so I made them in pdf.  If you need to change the numbers just e-mail me & I'll send you the ones in Microsoft Word.  I only made four pages of them as I was tired that night.


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Joanne Griffin