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Work Stations Aug. 08 Work Stations Aug. 08
The last few days I've been thinking of what I wanted to do the first six weeks of school. I decided I wanted work stations, but easy ones that had no worksheets and would just need some construction or notebook paper. So I made nine stations (I'm supposed to have 16 or 17 students this year) and made my pocket chart pictures to go with them. Now all I need is to have my students names and I'll place two (or three if an odd number) names on a card and put them in the work stations. Then each day I'll move the work stations down one and the last one to the top. Hopefully you can use some of them. And always feel free to tweek them to fit your teaching style. You could always add worksheets to the directions...I usually just put one that says, "choose a worksheet to complete".  You can always add worksheets about things you are studying or a good review sheet.  I need to add one more work station, but decided not to add language at this time.  I'm waiting to see our new curriculum so I'll know what we are studying first.  If you have any questions, feel free to use my blog. 

Enjoy your YEAR! Joanne

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Joanne Griffin