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Watermelon Day Watermelon Day
We usually have a Watermelon Day at the end of school. The students enjoy discussing it and eating it. So I looked around to see if anyone had a neat unit to go with it. I did find a few pages to use. Hope you can use them too or maybe they will spark ideas for your own unit.  Joanne

*One of the teachers who uses my website wrote the following:

For your "watermelon" site, you might wish to add "Chestnut Cove" by Tim Egan, which is available through Amazon. It's a charming story about friendship & cooperation -- I generally start my year with it (and watermelons).  Tim's a dear man & his artwork is delightfully goofy. I particularly appreciate the fact that he doesn't "dumb down" his vocabulary for primary aged children.

Thank you Karen!  JG

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Joanne Griffin