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Themes and Projects Themes and Projects

I have been working on my Themes and Projects for the year.  Thought I'd share with you so you can complete your own.  I've tried to give you a few pictures & a few letters so you can see how I do mine. 

The attached Themes & Projects 08-09 is for the entire school year so I can prepare ahead.  Maybe this will give you some ideas to complete your own.  I just made a few notes to keep me on track.  You need a plan for the year even if you have to update it several times.  

The JG Take Home Projects are the projects I want to do each month of the year.  You probably already know about these activities and may want to find your own.  But get together ideas and put them in folders.  If something doesn't work do something else next year.

I want things to go great for you so you will continue to use your creativity & imagination!!!!  Your students deserve the very best job you can do!!   Joanne

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Joanne Griffin