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Thank you's for class behavior Thank you's for class behavior

On one of my web rings was this great idea I had to share with you...she called it thank you's and she gave them out to her students.  They would write their name on them, put them in a container,  and then on Friday the teacher would draw a name for something from the Box of Wonders (Be first in line all day, Credit for one wrong item on a test or class assignment, Tell a joke or riddle to the class, Choose a study buddy for one subject, Lunch with the teacher, or Take a class game home for the night-from Melody's letter).  I loved this idea so much I ordered some cards from Vista.com to give out.  I hope I have explained this well enough for you to understand it.  Basically it's giving out coupons, that the students write their name on, then you put it in a container, & draw a name on Friday for a prize or something fun for them to do.  

Here is what my card looks like, but you could just run these off on paper.  Put some cute pictures around them and you'd have cute Thank You's.  And everything you put in the Box of Wonders wouldn't cost you anything...In fact, my cards for Fun Friday could be used or use your imagination to make up your own. 


_____ Good Behavior
_____ Homework
_____ On Task
_____ Working quietly
_____ Hallways
_____ Cafeteria
_____ Other

my name at the bottom

Isn't this a great idea?  I think it would work in my classroom and I'm going to try it the first few weeks of school. There were notes from a second grade and a fifth grade teacher who used this and had success with this behavior management.  I love the positive in my room and this is rewards for following your rules.   They don't have to be expensive rewards, but just something special.   Joanne

Update-The Thanks You's are a great hit in my room.  I had ordered calendars, etc. from Vista.com and gave two of those out, and some other prizes, (No Homework Pass, rubber duckys, pens) on Friday...the students loved it & decided they were going to be on their best behavior to get their name in my bucket.  I also told them when the bucket got full they could take them home to show their parents how special they were. 

I have also noticed that they don't want to miss school on Friday...have you ever had kids who seemed to miss a lot of Fridays?  I think this will help with this attendance problem. 

Joanne Griffin