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Students names Christmas wordsearch Students names Christmas wordsearch

My students love word searches.  I always make them one with their names on it for the last week of school.  I've given you three examples of ones I've done before...the first one is old and I've used it for years...in fact I think the first one was on the purple stuff.  You can make anything do for this.

First, find an area to write your students names.  Then, go to http://www.awesomeclipartforeducators.com or someplace you can make a word search.  Then write your students first and last names as one word.  You'll have to play with the word search a little to make it fit.  I just keep trying until I get the right size.  The students will love finding their names.


p.s.  You can use other holidays for this too!

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Joanne Griffin