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Work Stations Work Stations

Work Stations are from Debbie Diller. She came to our school for two years and helped us implement Work Stations and to improve our Guided Reading program. She is absolutely the best!

Work Stations are the easiest learning centers you will ever do.

Step 1: Decide what you want your students to review or do.
Step 2: Make a list of several things they can write about for this.
Step 3: Make the list on your computer, print it out, and laminate it so it can be used more than once.
Step 4: Make a file of your ideas and to keep yourself organized.
Step 5: Have enough ideas that your students can enjoy choosing ideas for several weeks. I did mine for six weeks and the students loved all the different things they got to write about.

If there was a bulletin board or wall close by, I just taped up the instructions.  But if there wasn't, I gave the instructions to the students to read and follow the directions. 

Below are examples of ten work stations-

Listening Work Station:
I can.........

Turn the page with the beep.
Read along with the book.
Talk to my partner about the tape.
Draw a picture of my favorite part.
Write about something I learned by
    listening today.
Retell the story I heard today.

Puzzles and Games Work Station:
I can...........

Put a puzzle together.
Cooperate with my partner.
Count the pieces in a puzzle
    to be sure I have it all back
    in the box.
Play a game with my partner.
Draw a picture and make a
    puzzle for my partner.

Buddy Reading Work Station:
I can............

Read a book with my buddy.
Read a page, then you read a page.
Read a page, then you be my echo.
Read the whole book, then you read
       the whole book.
Read the character’s part, then you
       read another character’s part.

Overhead Work Station:
(Place overhead on floor for them)
I can..........

Read a poem on a transparency.
Make sentences with overhead
Sort and read overhead word tiles.
Practice handwriting on the overhead.
Choose ten words and put them in abc order.

Discovery Work Station:
I can............

Read a book and make a puppet to
         go with the story.
Draw and color a character in the book.
Design a book jacket for a book
          I read.
Draw  the setting of a book I read.
Read a how-to-draw book and make
           a drawing.

Poetry Work Station:
I can...........

Read a poem.
Read a poem with a buddy.
Copy the poem of the week in my
           Writing Folder.
Illustrate a poem.
Find the words that rhymn and write on a post it note.
Read a poem with good expression.

ABC/Word Work Station:
I can...............

Read an ABC book.
Write my spelling words in ABC order.
Use the word stamps and write my
Complete a word search.
Use the play dough and letters to write my name.
Use the play dough to write my spelling words

Creative Writing Work Station:
I can...............

Write a list of things that are
Write something nice about a
       classmate on a sticky note and
        leave it on their desk. 
Make a list of things I would
    like to write about in my
    Writing Folder.
Choose a Creative Writing page
    to finish.
Write a note to my teacher.

Big Book Work Station:
I can.......

  Read the book with a partner.
  Read one page aloud and my
    partner reads the next page aloud.
 Tell the story to my partner and
    then my partner will tell me about
    the story.
 Find all the words starting with ch,
    th, and wh and write them on a
    sticky note.
 Make a four square and write the
    name of the story and the author   
    in box 1.  In box 2 write the main
    characters.  In box 3 draw my
    favorite character or the setting
    of the story.  In box 4 write one
    or two sentences telling about
    the story.
**Four Square:  Fold paper in half and fold in half again.  This gives you four boxes to write or draw in. 

Spelling Work Station:
I can..........

Write my words on stationary.
Choose five words and illustrate.
Write my words on the dry erase
Use magnetic letters to write
    my words.
Use the tray with salt to write my spelling words.
Spell the words into the tape

Debbie Diller's Work Station books are a must for your classroom library.  She is tops in her field and a vivid speaker.  Every time I talked to her I came away with so many ideas to try. 

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