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Santa Letters Santa Letters

Several years ago we used to write the newspaper letters to Santa and they would send back a form letters for all the students.  It was great until the kids started comparing the letters.  Then I had a brainstorm.  I wrote a teacher at the high school and asked if her students would write Santa letters to my students.  They were a hit.  Then one of my best friends moved to sixth grade and I had her write the letters for me.  She did one better...she had her students make up Elf names and all the letters were from the Elves at the North Pole.  That was even better...so for the last several years my students have received letters from the Elves.  They love it!!!  So thought I should pass on this idea.  If you don't know someone at a different school, make contacts with someone who knows someone...did that make sense? 

I attached a simple letter form for you to see how to make them.  You can put anything at the top for your letters.  Every year I change it to some other clip art. 

I'm also involved in a letter ring that has teachers from different states.  I found a cute Santa with a rope that I made for the letters we will write next week (Texan stationary).  I think writing real letters helps the students.  I know the more they write, the better their letters are (at least now, they aren't putting their name on the same line as the closing).  I have them write letters to authors, to friends inviting them for popcorn, and to each other.  Occasionally I have them write to the principal & the ass't principal. 

I have invited parents to come read their favorite Christmas book to my class.  Next week, my students will be writing invitations to the parents about this.  This is a great way to get parents to visit your room...guess I'd better clean my room!

Have a lovely holiday!  Joanne

p.s  You can now get to my website easier-   www.jologriffin.com

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Joanne Griffin