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Rotation Station for Christmas Rotation Station for Christmas

The Rotation Station idea is from my best friend Cathy who teaches second grade at another school.  They do this for every holiday.  We had our party on Thursday afternoon, so I wanted something special for them to do on Friday.  I decided to make eight stations so I could keep my groups small. 

The second grade had some different stations than I came up with.  They wrapped a bunch of boxes and had the students measure them and they also had a smelling station with four different smells.  And at the bottom of the page was a picture of the five senses & they had to circle the one they used at each station.

I gave them about ten minutes for each station.  I used Legend of the Poinsettia at the listening station.  My students really enjoyed the stations, but some of them wanted more time.   The Christmas tree comprehension idea came from Cathy.  Also I wanted a simple elf for a glyph that I could use so ended up drawing one (I keep practicing with my mouse).

I know it's probably too late to use this year, but thought I'd share such a neat idea!  Joanne

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Joanne Griffin