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first week reading folders first week reading folders

Several years ago I made 22 folders with Arthur books.  I used this the first week of school.  Each folder had an Arthur book and 2-3 worksheets in it  (abcteachit.com).  The students would read the books and choose a worksheet to complete about the book.  

You could use any set of books or even different authors.  This was a gentle approach to getting them back into reading and answering questions.  My students loved the Arthur books and we ended up doing it a second week so they could read all of them. 

This year I decided to do the same thing only with Mercer Mayer Little Critter books.  I decided that I'd mostly use books with 2.5 reading level or higher for the books.  I have bought a few I needed and ordered the rest (Amazon.com).  I checked the reading levels at (arbookfind.com).  There are some coloring sheets, stories read, etc. at (littlecritter.com).  I am going to make two to four worksheets for each book...if I can do a better job at drawing, then I'll have a coloring sheet with some sort of writing activity to go with it.  So far my character looks like Little Critter's cousin (so my daughter says!).  I did order a drawing pad (Bamboo Fun), but found I was better with a mouse.  There's a free drawing program at- (Tux Paint).  Be sure to turn down the sound as it's irritating!  This is a free drawing program for children!  The Bamboo Fun came with Corel that I have been using too. 

This is a great way to start off the year.  Especially if you are not quite organized yet.  You can use the same folders for years...just recopy the worksheets.  I'll try to get a sample on here soon!


P.S.  I've attached the worksheets I made for Just A Day At The Pond by Mercer Mayer.  I'm keeping it simple and thinking up things to go with each storybook I have.  

**I forgot to add the five questions for the book!  So I've re-attached the pages with the questions.   

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Joanne Griffin