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Monthly Newsletters Monthly Newsletters
I like to put monthly newsletters in our take home folders. I change the pictures on them and have the students help me fill out the boxes telling what we've been studying and things that will happen soon. I've attached some samples that I've made.  

I also attached my back to school newsletter from last year (my theme was Arthur).  And I attached another one that I used later in the year. 

You can make your own newsletters by finding cute clip art of students and using the text box in word.  My best friend sends home weekly letters, but I never remember to write them or I forget to run them off or send them home.  So I just gave up on that.  I do good to send home monthly or six week letters. 

I usually have the students write their parents a letter every couple of weeks.  This give them lots of practice in writing letters, and the parents enjoy reading them.

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Joanne Griffin