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Last of school ideas Last of school ideas

I tried to come up with some fun things for my students to do the last couple weeks of school.  They wanted each day to be different.  We ended up without time to do most of these ideas.  Maybe you can use some of them or add to them.  I've used all of them at one time or another.  The students were really enthusiastic about trading books, but only a few brought any. 

stuffed animal day
puzzle day
hat day
electronic game day
no shoes day
pillow day
game boards day
pen day
small toys day
opposite socks day
flashlight reading day
favorite book day
book trading day
red (or any color) day
bouncing ball day
favorite card game day
computer games day
favorite movie day
read/oral book day
autograph/phone number day
doddles day with shaving cream (cleaning desk)
coloring contest day
share favorite authors day

One of my parents brought two containers of ice cream and three jars of toppings for the last day.  We really enjoyed that.  One year my parents made breakfast for us. 

Joanne Griffin