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Good Behavior Cards Good Behavior Cards

Since I am limited on wall space I decided to make some good behavior cards and put four to the page.  I'll keep them in a box and let the students draw one every once in a while for good behavior.  I hope you can use some of them.  Those you can't use can be changed with little trouble. 

stinky feet:  take off shoes
Buddy Bear:  bear in bag to take home for week end & write in journal
rolling chair:  students love to sit in one of my computer chairs
rocking chair reading:  students sit and read
Read favorite story to class:  I let them choose a book to read to class
Sit with a friend:  They get to move their desk
Teacher Helper:  I have two of these & they help me with anything I need
Popcorn with friend:  I get those little bags of popcorn & they pop it & invite a friend to eat with them
A duck for good behavior:  I found 18 of them at a party supply.  They are only about 2 inches
Photographer:  I'm going to take my digital camera to school that uses floppy disks and let them take pictures of the classroom and math things
Treasure Chest:  toys and prizes I've collected over the summer
Eat with friend:  they have assigned seats so they love to be able to sit with a friend
Conduct stamper:  they stamp the conduct sheets for the week
Use pen for work:  I have a bunch of pens they get to choose from
Use clipboard for work:  I have several clipboards and they do their work on it
Clean board:  Students love cleaning the board
ELMO helper:  They turn it on & off & make sure the worksheets are put in the folders, etc.  ( You can use the overhead for this too)

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Joanne Griffin