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Five Fingers Five Fingers
In my classroom I have a five fingers poster on the wall that they use all year long. This is so they don't interrupt me when I'm helping students or we are doing classwork. You'd be surprised how much it helps in the organization of your classroom. 

I teach this the first week of school and they know they just hold up their fingers to ask permission & I'll shake my head (yes or no) at them.  This is great when you are doing guided reading, etc. 

I have attached the poster I made to show the Five Fingers.

one finger:    bathroom
two fingers:   drink
three fingers: pencil
four fingers:   kleenex
five fingers:    library

Of course, you can change these to meet your needs. These are the ones my students use the most. I made the poster only one page as I have limited wall space. (The finger clip art came from Microsoft.)     Joanne

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Joanne Griffin