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Creative Writing Crayons Creative Writing Crayons
These crayons are to use with your creative writing. When you walk around and read your students writing, choose one crayon to remind them to look over more carefully. I made some small crayons and some larger ones. Print each group of crayons out on colored card stock and laminate them.

While you are walking around give each student a crayon, pull the color groups aside to go over what they need extra work on-spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or word choice. This becomes a guided writing group. You can work with one group while the other groups are writing.  (I think I made six of each card.)  Try to give them a different card each time you do this.  You may only have time for one group if you do creative writing for 30 minutes.  In a week you can meet with them all. 

If you want to collect the crayons, have them make a smiley face on their paper with a crayon the same color so you'll know which group they were in the next day. 

I went to a creative writing workshop one time and the speaker said that if you write on your students paper, it becomes yours too.  So I ask questions instead of writing on their paper.  Sometimes I have them change papers and another student will underline something they think needs to be changed, but they don't write on it either.  Just something to think about!

I made extra crayons so you could use them for other things too.  You can change the words on all the crayons.    Joanne

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Joanne Griffin