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Class Christmas present Class Christmas present

I used to try to figure out a good Christmas present for parents every year.  Then about five years ago I decided to make my life easier and started making calendars for the parents.  I have made all kinds with children writing poetry for each month, coloring a picture, filling in the days, etc.  One year we made calendars in cd cases.  Then last year a teacher on one of my web rings showed us how to make a one page calendar with the students picture on it.  I printed it out on my printer so it took some ink.  I also laminated it and the students learned how to wrap presents.  They were a big hit, so thought I'd share this idea with you. 

Go online to find a neat font to use...there's lots of free ones for Mac's and PC's-






I took my students' pictures outside sitting on our park bench, then took one inside the room, and then choose the best picture.  For the principal and ass't principal we took some group pictures on the monkey bars.  If you don't want to take individual pictures, the group pictures look good too.  

I added a pdf file of two different layouts of the calendar so you could see how to move it around to where you like it best.   I put clipart since we are not allowed to post students' pictures.   Joanne

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Joanne Griffin