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Cinderella Around the World Cinderella Around the World
Cinderella is in our third six weeks curriculum and I've made a unit on it.  These worksheets have come from various sources and several I made up or used ideas I found on the internet.  As far as I know these are all free worksheets that anyone can use.

I have about 15 different Cinderella books that we read and discuss.  We also make a booklet with one page for each Cinderella book.  On each page is the name of the book, author and what country it is from.  We also draw something easy from the book and a few sentences about the book.  My first year I made worksheets for the books, but it is easier just to give them notebook paper and let them make their own books. 

I hope there is something here that you can use.  Joanne

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Joanne Griffin