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Cereal Box Writing Cereal Box Writing

Cereal Box Writing

Collect empty cereal boxes.  Choose some of the activities to place in a writing center. 

1.  Write several task cards & put inside box for students to respond to with a creative writing assignment.  (Make a List, etc.)

2.  Write vocabulary words and definitions of the week and place inside cereal box.   The students match the words to the definition.

3.  Ask questions about the cereal and place the cards in the box.  (What is the main product in the cereal?  What vitamins are in the cereal?  Does the name of the cereal make you want to buy it?  Does the picture appeal to you? etc.)

4.  Cover the cereal box with white paper and write questions on it that will fit any book.  (Who are the main characters? (front)  What is the main idea of the story?  (back) Name three things that happened in the story. (left side) Who are the main characters in the story? (right side)  What is the name of the book and the author? (top)  What is the problem in the story and how was it solved? (bottom)

5.  Write an advertisement for this cereal to share with the class.

6.  Design a new cover for the cereal box.

7.  Write a list of things this cereal box could be used for in your bedroom.

8.  Write a list of things this cereal box could be used for in our classroom.

9.  Make a graph of students who would or would not buy this cereal.

10.  Make several cards with numbers on them and place them in the cereal box.  The students will draw two cards and they have to write problems using those numbers.

11.  Use the cereal box to make a book report. 
    -front (name of book and author, draw & color a picture of the main idea of the book)
    -back (list of main characters and things you learned about them)
    -left side (Write the main idea about the book)
    -right side (Write the problem and how it was solved)
    -bottom (Make a list of your favorite words, etc)
    -top (Write your favorite sentence from the book)

Joanne Griffin