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Books and Tapes Work Station Books and Tapes Work Station
I had two large containers filled with third grade books with tapes that were AR. I decided I wanted the students to spend thirty minutes each morning listening to the tapes and responding to them. First, they listen to the tape two times. Then they take an AR test. Then they use the Books and Tapes worksheet to choose an activity to do. They staple their papers together to make a booklet. They only do one book and one activity a day plus take the AR test. This takes about 30 minutes.

I tried to make the worksheets simple and open ended so they could respond freely to them. I wish I had started with folders with notebook paper in them. I think it would have worked better.

You could also use books with tapes that aren't AR. I still have two big containers with books and tapes that I am going to use next, but they aren't AR books.

books with tapes-

-six containers with four books with tapes in each

-six tape players (one checked out of library, one of my own, three bought at a pawn shop, and one from Walmart)

-24 sets of third grade AR books with tapes

Since I have few electrical outlets, I have three tape players on one wall and three on another. They sit on the floor and listen to the tapes and then go to desks to complete the worksheet. I thought they would stay with their group to complete the worksheet, but they get together and discuss the books and it's amazing the conversations they have over the books.

I have attached the two worksheets I have completed so far.  They each have nine activities on them.  I will need to make one more (six boxes) for this set of 24 books with tapes. 


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Joanne Griffin